September 7 2017 | Toronto, ON – API Garage and SalesChoice Inc. have announced a Strategic Alliance to create a powerful Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) joint offering that can propel companies’ growth in using AI, focused on digital customer experience management (DCEM).

API Garage and SalesChoice form a strategic alliance

The alliance will help companies be “AI Ready” with Data Science Service offerings which will focus particularly on next generation Voice First AI applications attuned for CRM and eCommerce sales enablement, using tools like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Natural Language Processing (NLP) platforms . API Garage will leverage their Systems Integration (SI) expertise, ETL skills, especially for Big Data-AI data preparation and MDM (Master Data Management) knowledge to progress companies up the MDM maturity cycle. SalesChoice will bring its domain expertise in CRM, AI and Strategic Change Transformation to equip C-suite leaders to take advantage of new digital customer experiences to engage customers and modernize customer engagement practices. The alliance’s joint initiatives will include: go to market offerings to design, build and deploy customized AI applications, design and deliver strategic diagnostic AI Readiness workshops, develop joint research, and deliver educational platforms of value to clients.

API Garage is excited to partner with SalesChoice to help companies leverage the power of data and AI to grow their business,” says Chinmay Patel, Founder & CEO, API Garage. “Our mission is to make AI practical and applicable in short term. Defining the company’s current status in AI is the first step towards developing the practical roadmap of the AI first organization.”

SalesChoice is advancing rapidly into modernizing CRM experiences to evolve the communication modalities with our AI platform and toolkits. We see chatbot and voice interactions, like we are building with Selly Says™, or using Amazon’s Alexa, being the future of CRM, where new modalities will simply be table stakes, giving each generational profile can select their preferred interaction channel to do business with. By partnering with API Garage, we have access to AI and chatbot / voice capable engineers to increase our go to market capabilities to achieve our mission of increasing sales productivity using AI to accelerate top line revenue growth. Together, we can also build some exciting new products to bring to market and contribute to the AI Ecosystem rapidly evolving to help bring to the global stage of AI Innovation(s),” says Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice Inc.

For more information, contact:

Chinmay Patel, API Garage,

Malay Upadhyay, Saleschoice,


API Garage is an artificial intelligence services company focusing on Applications of AI for mid to large organizations. We have built AI Design Sprint – combination of processes and tools – to identify AI readiness and low hanging AI opportunities within the client organization. We also leverage NLP and build voice first user experiences for companies like Television Ontario (TVO) using platforms like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana. We believe these new voice platforms can give a serious competitive advantage to using companies.

SalesChoice is a Cognitive Sciences: AI Sales Analytics Performance Platform and Data Sciences as a Service (DSaaS) company, currently serving marquee brands in US and Canada with three established AI products that produce unique models in predictive and prescriptive sales analytics to increase top line revenue growth. Their partners include Salesforce, IBM Watson, Accenture (#1 Salesforce SI partner globally) and RelationEdge (a Gold certified Salesforce SI mid-market partner). SalesChoice specializes in helping companies predict, prioritize and pace, using AI for competitive advantage.