Canada | April 2024 – As businesses worldwide adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the post-pandemic era, AI industry experts, Dr. Sara Diamond, ICD.D., Expert Panelist at Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation, and Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, ICD.D. SalesChoice Inc. have written a ground-breaking new Navigator report. This report sheds light on the pivotal relationship between technology adoption and corporate purpose and explores the benefits and risks of AI.

A corporate technology adoption strategy must align with corporate purpose to ensure guardrails on what the corporation will do and not do. Advancing the leadership, transparency, and ethical practices in the application of AI has never been more critical for board governance, particularly in ensuring citizen privacy and protection against harmful AI biases impacting diversity, equity, and inclusiveness goals. A robust and inclusive strategy that aligns with corporate purpose must ensure investments in board governance, recruiting skilled talent, developing digital literacy and AI education programs, conducting AI readiness and risk reviews, building new AI value realization (KPIs) and gap closure plans, sourcing Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and cybersecurity infrastructure, and adhering to regulatory AI emerging laws are top of mind. Starting the creation of an AI registry and re-evaluating current data governance and AI model-building practices will intensify, as tighter scrutiny of corporate purpose and AI intensifies.” –  Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, ICD.D. , Saleschoice Inc.

Published by the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation, the white paper titled “Putting Corporate Purpose at the Core of Technology Decisions” delves deep into the intricate considerations surrounding the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies within organizations. It emphasizes the urgent need for companies to align their technological decisions with their core mission and values, highlighting the transformative impact of this alignment on business success and societal well-being.

Technologies are not neutral. They shape our workplaces and culture. There are tremendous benefits despite notable risks, in the adoption of AI in this era of rapid change, bringing efficiencies along with new emerging forms of creativity.  Corporations can apply AI to meet environmental and sustainability goals, in particular the effective management of a circular economy approach to technologies and materials For all goals of AI adoption, there are clear connections between corporate data collection and governance policies and best practices, activities that also shape workplace practice and stakeholder relationships,” – Dr. Sara Diamond, ICD.D., Canadian Center for the Purpose of the Corporation.

The paper presents key recommendations that offer practical guidance for board executives and leaders as they navigate the intricacies of integrating technology. The authors propose a comprehensive strategy involving stakeholder engagement, community collaboration, and transparent communication with investors and shareholders. Aligning technology within a broader strategic framework driven by purpose enables organizations to maximize its benefits while minimizing risks and adverse effects.

“The AI revolution presents profound new governance challenges for board executives and business leaders. This report addresses these challenges head-on. It makes a decisive case for businesses to apply a “corporate purpose” lens to technology adoption decisions—asserting that corporations that grasp and leverage this lens will not only thrive but lead.” – Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman of Navigator Ltd. 

The full report, “Putting Corporate Purpose at the Core of Technology Decisions,” is available for download from the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation website and at SalesChoice.

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