Last week, Dr. Karen Peesker, Co-Founder of the Sales Leadership Institute, a department at the Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) organized the first-ever Canadian University conference on Advancing Sales Education and Research in Canada.  Hosted by IT World Canada, Microsoft, DHL, Rogers, and other community leaders, the conference brought together industry leaders such as Dr. Cindy Gordon, SalesChoice CEO; Fawn Annan, CEO ITWC; Dr. Wendy Cukier, Founder and Director, Diversity Institute, Ted Rogers School of Management; Dr. Karen Peesker Director, Ted Rogers Sales Leadership Program and more, along with 10 Canadian universities to contribute to a dynamic idea exchange.

The strongest theme of the conference was the business imperative for advancing digital literacy, data literacy and ensuring that technology was firmly embedded in all sales learning programs. Digital literacy is best defined as an individual’s ability to find, evaluate, and clearly communicate information and knowledge through using diverse digital platforms. It is best evaluated by an individual’s interaction skills with technology, and includes: grammar, composition, typing skills, and the ability to produce text, images, audio, and designs using technology.

This point was acutely reinforced by Fawn Annan, the CEO of IT World Canada (ITWC). To read more click here.

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