August 9th, 2022 | New York – SalesChoice has been featured as one of “Top 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Revenue Management solutions and transforming businesses” in the annual Revenue Management edition of Xplorex IT Magazine.

SalesChoice is pleased to be recognized by a quality publication like Xplorex IT for the work we do in supporting the success of our client’s IT projects and overall organizational transformation to end revenue uncertainty. In a world increasingly dominated by digitization, we feel our human-centered approach to technology projects provides a necessary balance that serves to both ensure and maximize the success of digital transformation efforts,” says Dr. Cindy Gordon, SalesChoice CEO.

Xplorex IT is a leading technology & industrial magazine that is focused on helping enterprises & businesses navigate today’s challenging business environment with critical information about technology solutions and services.

Our mission is to be a trusted source of engaging content that is instrumental to the success of business executives and technology professionals,said Ashley Peterson, senior editor at Xplorex IT magazine.The quality and integrated nature of SalesChoice products & services perfectly align with this mission. We are very pleased to be able to enhance the trust we’ve cultivated with our readers by introducing them to a company like SalesChoice. We feel this will be a win for our readers, a win for Xplorex IT publication, and a win for SalesChoice.”

Click here to view the SalesChoice feature read what the team has to say about Leveraging Analytics for Employee Productivity and Growth Acceleration. Or click here to access the complete issue.


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About SalesChoice Inc. 

SalesChoice is a SaaS AI Insight Engine Platform and Data Sciences as a Services Company that helps B2B organizations end revenue uncertainties by solving unpredictable challenges in Sales Forecasting, Opportunity Prioritization, Data Completeness, and Relationship Intelligence. The software helps reduce cost of sales by 20-30%, increase top-line revenue by 15-20%, and improve sales forecasting accuracy by 20-50%. The company is soon launching a Mood app to improve employee wellbeing, communication and productivity.

SalesChoice is a Salesforce ISV and can be installed from the AppExchange on Salesforce.

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Malay Upadhyay, Chief AI Customer Experience Officer, SalesChoice Inc.

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