February 7th, 2022 | Canada – SalesChoice is pleased to be recognised as a “Major Player in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market” by UK, MR Accuracy Reports, featured on The Oxford Spokesman.

With the help of their team of excellent and experienced advisors and analysts, UK, MR Accuracy Reports curates strategic market research reports based on true, authentic, and accurate insights on global industries, products, and market trends. In addition to this, their latest report, “Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market SWOT Analysis, Key Indicators, Forecast 2027”, has been further enhanced using inputs from industry experts and features valuable recommendations from senior analysts. 

The report offers a comprehensive overview of the Global Predictive Sales Analytics Tools market, lists major players in the market including XANT, MRP, EverString, TechTarget, Anaplan, delivers market size forecasts for Predictive Sales Analytics Tools, showcases regional assessment and segment diversification, and discusses upcoming changes and investment strategy.

It also answers key questions such as:

  • How big is the market opportunity?
  • What can you expect from the year 2027?
  • What are the forces influencing the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools market growth?
  • What will be the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools market size at the end of the forecast?
  • Which regions and sub-segments will grow at the highest rate?
  • How will the regulatory scenario impact the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools market?
  • What are the top strategies that the companies in the market are adopting?
  • How will the patent expires shape the market dynamics?

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About SalesChoice Inc. 

SalesChoice is a SaaS AI Insight Engine Platform and Data Sciences as a Services Company that helps B2B organizations end revenue uncertainties by solving unpredictable challenges in Sales Forecasting, Opportunity Prioritization, Data Completeness, and Relationship Intelligence. The software helps reduce cost of sales by 20-30%, increase top-line revenue by 15-20%, and improve sales forecasting accuracy by 20-50%.

SalesChoice is a Salesforce ISV and can be installed from the AppExchange on Salesforce.

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