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Before we begin, for those interested in learning more about AI on an executive level: What is the importance of the field of complexity science and its relationship to AI competencies? It is crucial for executives to understand the talent needed for AI readiness in an organization, and this field is no different. You can read more in this latest article on Forbes.


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Were you able to attend our recent executive session, with Bedford Consulting Group, on building a world class AI-driven organization and modernizing business operations? The discussion featured Jeanne Lam, Chief Business Officer at WattPad and AI spokesperson, Dr. Danny Lange, Chief Data Scientist at Unity Technologies, and Cathy Cobey, Trusted AI Leader at EY. Here is a recording of the session to view at your convenience.


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The Global Sales Leaders Network was formed to help B2B sales leaders join forces together to conquer revenue uncertainty. It offers a year-round continuous online workstream that can help you learn from the challenges you peers are facing and address your own. Take a look at how you can be part of this elite list, or watch what some sales leaders have to say.


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In April, our CEO Dr. Cindy Gordon participated in a panel on Exploring the Implementation Risks of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Protect Your Business at the 7th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit. The recording is now available on our Webinars channel. You can view them here.


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