This week, my business Partner, Malay Upadhyay, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, SalesChoice Inc., and I, attended the Bridging the Gap Conference, led by Kelly Lovell, CEO Lovell Corporation bringing our Youth Together to discuss the impact a global network can have on sustainability. Here are the findings on How Millennials and Generation Z are redefining work.

At SalesChoice we passionately care about a bigger frame in our lives. Although every day we wake up caring about how we can make data speak with Artificial Intelligence, lets ensure we are reminded that there are an estimated 1.8 billion people (25% of the world’s population) without access to adequate sanitation and clean water.

So although we are immersed in future applied innovation sense making, there are many aspects of our world that we need to also be alert to and contribute back to make our world a better community with a strong sense of purpose. So getting a balanced vibe is important to us as leaders at SalesChoice.

Two takeaways were clear:

1.) Educational Imperative to build relevant skills for the Digital Age

Emphasis on the mathematic fundamentals, and filling the gaps in Canada’s declining math skills, is a key to success, given the demand for computing science, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and other relevant skills.

Panel speakers included Honourable Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education for Ontario, Vivian Leung, Educational Coordinator of UNESCO, and William Zhoud, CEO Chalk and a Forbes 30 under 30.

2.) Diversity and Inclusiveness is Key to Economic Growth and Prosperity

I spoke on a panel on STEM, with leaders, the United Nations in New York, Ursula Wynhoven, Aminka Belvitt, Founder and CEO of Wofemtech Solutions and Franes Simpson Allen, of the World Food Programme.

With less than 10% of Board Directors in our Technology Sector, and less than 20% of women in management positions in our technology sector, and declining rates of attracting, developing and retaining women in Tech due to cultural norms, and gaps in mentoring, we had a great dialogue on what’s working and what’s not working.

Here is another report with findings on Gender Gaps in the Workplace.

One of my main points is: this is a journey and not an overnight fix. The issues are very deep and systemic and rooted in culture and in governance leadership gaps.

The first entrepreneur in North America was Sara Kirke. At CATA, Canada’s largest Technology Association, where I wear a brand ambassador hat to promote gaps on STEM, we have been doing a soft launch on five key pillars to breakdown some of the gaps impacting women’s success in STEM in our country. See the Sara Kirke Declaration Petition that you can be a part of today.

In closing, the takeaway is that your voice has power. Do not believe everything you read due to fake news, manage your life by facts, and exercise your judgement. Have rich dialogues to hear and listen to experience and perspectives to ensure are all learning, listening and growing. We have choices in our lives; and the law of two feet has immense strength.

GenZ in 2020 will have 40% of consumer buying power, as the new youth power rises up and changes our world. Let’s all ensure we have a sustainable healthy planet so our children can enjoy nature as much as generations past have been able to. We must respect our universe; its all we have.