July 12th, 2023 | Toronto, CA – Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, advances Executive Education with the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) to help improve the skills and knowledge of executives and board directors in AI, the most transformational field in the history of mankind.

“I am thrilled to join the USAII® leadership masterclass series to share my insights to support board directors, and C-Level executives achieve more success with their Applied AI innovations. Having been designing and building complex AI software systems and business strategies for mid to large enterprises over the past 12 years, and teaching AI, Ethics and Law, I am uniquely qualified to bring actionable perspectives on how to successfully solve diverse use cases across multiple industries. The team at USAII® is going to help close a critical gap in providing certifications in AI and Data Science across diverse stakeholder globally. To be ready for AI, it is a business imperative to up our game in AI education and skills competency validation to ensure Responsible AI is front and center – always,” says Dr. Cindy Gordon.

Ajit Jha, President and CEO, EdTechDigit Innovations Inc., the worldwide marketing and logistics partner of USAII® says, “According to the World Economic Forum, only 10% of the global AI workforce is skilled today – our mission is to bridge this huge skill gap and empower the AI ecosystem through education. We are excited to have AI influencers and experts like Dr. Cindy Gordon to help ensure our participants and students receive the quality of educational support they need to be AI competent. Her expertise is well-recognized in the global industry, not only for her rich publications and Forbes thought leadership channel, but also for her community leadership and influence and recognition in the AI industry.”

About Dr. Cindy Gordon

Dr. Cindy Gordon ICD.D. is the CEO of SalesChoice, an AI sales and behavioral analytics SaaS platform company. Onalytica Research has identified Dr. Gordon as one of the most influential AI global thought leaders. Following her trailblazing Forbes articles, she is actively writing books on AI and educating board directors and C-suite leaders on the imperative to advance ethical and responsible AI. Prior she held senior leadership roles at Accenture, Xerox, and Citicorp. She has been a Venture capitalist and has been an angel in numerous ventures. Internationally, she is recognized for her innovative thought leadership with 14 books in the market and hundreds of publications.

Cindy is a certified Board Director (ICD.D.) and Board Advisor for Corent Technology (Board Advisor), EmotionCloud (Board Director), Kaji (Board Advisor), and SalesChoice (Board Director). She is the recipient of the Governor’s General Award for Innovation and recently received the CEO of the Year (Bonhill Group Award). Her community track record is extensive, highlights include George Brown College (AI Ethics & Law Professor), Forbes School of Business &Technology (Board Advisor), Forbes Thought Leader (Journalist), AI Forum (Board Advisor), CATA (Former National Chair & Media Spokesperson for Women in STEM), Invest CrowdFund (ICC) Canada (Former National Chair), CATA Women in Technology, (Former Chair), iCanada -Smart Cities, (Former Co-Chair), Nightwood Theatre (Former Director), St. Lawrence Theatre (Former Director), Xerox Canada Women in Tech, (Former President). Academically, Dr. Gordon holds a Doctorate in Complexity Science and Social Networks, an Applied AI Honorary Doctorate from George Brown College, an MIT Applied AI Strategy Certification is also a certified Board Director from the University of Toronto – Rotman Business School (ICD.D) program.

About USAII®

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence certifications provider for aspiring professionals and leaders at any stage of their career, organizations, institutions, academia, or governments, looking to upskill and reskill their expertise in the ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence domain. USAII® provides the three most powerful, self-paced, and industry-relevant Artificial Intelligence certification programs – Certified AI Engineer (CAIE™), Certified AI Consultant (CAIC™), and Certified AI Scientist (CAIS™). They also provide AI certifications for K-12 (CAIP™ and ™CAIPa) and SPOC courses from MIT, USA.

About SalesChoice Inc.

SalesChoice InsightEngine™ is an Award-winning AI SaaS platform that brings B2B sales and employee productivity apps to organizations. The company’s vision is to End Revenue Uncertainty for Human Advantage. While SalesInsights™ helps B2B sales teams to end revenue uncertainty and sales inefficiencies to increase top-line revenue, MoodInsights™ helps organizations to reduce costs by tackling employee churn, operational risks and workforce wellbeing. The company provides Data Sciences as a Service to help its clients advance AI modernization from strategy to building complex AI models, and provides education to board directors and leaders to increase their digital literacy. Technology Partners supporting SalesChoice AI Platform include: AIPartnershipsCorp, Amazon, Google, IBM, IntroHive, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

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