Dr. Cindy Gordon Joins the Prestigious International Judging Panel

The Next Einstein is a place where North Americans can be inspired and inspire others to think, share and discuss ideas on how to make the world a better place.

This contests want to do more than talk about change, it wants to facilitate it. The most original, innovative and feasible ideas are selected by an internationally acclaimed judging panel, and the winners will win cash prizes, mentorships and scholarships. These prizes will help take innovative ideas from the drawing board to the real world.

The Next Einstein initiative was established in 2013 by the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University in conjunction with Hebrew University of Jerusalem: the custodian of the Einstein estate. Albert Einstein was one of the founding fathers of the Hebrew University. Einstein’s passion, curiosity and rebellious nature enabled countless innovative accomplishments recognized the world over.

(Born March 14, 1879; Died April 18, 1955).
Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879. As a child, Einstein possessed an extraordinary curiosity for understanding the mysteries of science. His curiosity extended beyond science as he played both the violin and piano — a passion that followed him into adulthood. Moving first to Italy and then to Switzerland, he graduated from high-school in 1896.
In 1905, while working as a patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland, Einstein had what came to be known as his “Annus Mirabilis” or “Miracle Year”. The young physicist obtained his Doctorate degree and published four of his most influential research papers, including the Special Theory of Relativity containing the now world famous equation “e = mc2”.

In 1915, Einstein completed his General Theory of Relativity and in 1921 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. His iconic status was cemented in 1919 when Arthur Eddington’s expedition confirmed Albert Einstein’s prediction, launching him to international superstardom. He became a household name, synonymous with genius all over the world. Einstein emigrated to the United States in the autumn of 1933 and took up residence in Princeton, New Jersey where he was a professor at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study.

Today, the practical applications of Einstein’s theories include the development of the television, remote control devices, automatic door openers, lasers, and DVD-players. Recognized as TIME magazine’s “Person of the Century” in 1999, Einstein’s intellect and curiosity, together with his strong passion for social justice, and dedication to pacifism, inspired a world with infinite knowledge and moral leadership.

A diverse group of experts judged the many innovative 2014 ideas that were submitted. The judging panel’s expertise spans academia, business and philanthropy.

The judging panel included:

  • Professor Reuven Amitai 
Researcher in Middle East Studies – Hebrew U
Professor Isiah (Shy) Arkin 
Vice President of Research and Development – Hebrew U
David Asper 
Chair & Trustee: Asper Foundation
Professor Howard Cedar 
Shortlisted for the 2013 Noble Prize in the field of Medicine or Chemistry
Dr. Osnat Cohen 
Director of the Authority for Community and Youth
Tim Draper 
Global venture capitalist and founder of Draper University of Heroes
Dr. Cindy Gordon 
Founder & CEO of SalesChoice Inc
Professor Hanoch Gutfreund 
Coordinator of Hebrew University events related to Albert Einstein worldwide
Ryan Kavanaugh 
Film producer and financier, CEO of Relativity Media
Roger D. Kornberg 
Nobel Laureate Professor
Dr. Michael L. Lomax 
President & CEO of UNCF
Professor Haya Lorberboum-Galski 
Chair for the Institute of Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC)
Yaacov Michlin 
CEO of Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University
Amar’e Stoudemire 
NBA player – New York Knicks and Philanthropist

The program is also managed with The Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University. The Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University (CFHU) facilitates academic and research partnerships between Canada and Israel as well as establishing scholarships, supporting research, cultivating student and faculty exchanges and recruiting Canadian students to attend the university.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU), founded in 1918, is Israel’s leading university. Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, and Sigmund Freud, were among the university’s founders, they were thinkers and visionaries whose genius inspired a university that would have no limits or borders. Ranked as one of the world’s leading research universities (ranked 59th in 2013), HU lies at the forefront of the international academic and scientific communities. Many top prizes and awards have been won by its graduates and faculty including eight Nobel Prizes, and the Fields Medal in Mathematics.

HU is a pluralistic institution where science and knowledge are advanced for the benefit of humankind in an atmosphere free of discrimination and prejudice. Visit www.cfhu.org.