Have you been to our website recently? After the recent updates, we have now given our Predictive AI World section a new look. With a ton of resources at your disposal – from videos to white papers – that are easier to navigate than ever, you are one step away from a wealth of knowledge and expert opinions on AI and sales.









Have you joined the Global Sales Leaders Network? It is a community where people with different experiences will help you short-cut mistakes, remove your blind-spots, sharpen your thinking. In short: Things that books, courses, coaches, or even your subordinates won’t easily give you. Don’t miss this uniquely laid out 12-month Sales Leaders Program!


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Did you hear about the latest addition to our team? Ian Locke, a leading technology industry expert with a wealth of software and venture capital financing experience, has now joined us as our Chief Business Development Officer to support our growth strategy in 2021. You can read more in our press release here.
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