Despite our socio-economic concerns, we can always look at our history to learn, to take heart and to celebrate the many challenges we have overcome. So, as momentous days are fast approaching, we wish our readers in Canada a very Happy Canada Day! And to those in the US, wish you an equally Happy 4th of July!

First, the big news. At SalesChoice, we understand the importance of employee wellbeing and effective communication. That is why we are launching a new mobile app to enable real-time mood reporting and feedback from the frontline workforce to the management. Would you like to know what’s driving your employees’ mood on a daily basis, and get instantly informed about any budding business risk, using secure and private methods? Get in touch with us here or write to us for an early bird look at this breakthrough B2B organizational productivity and risk management tool!

Yahoo! Finance recently profiled the SalesChoice and Introhive partnered customer intelligence offering in the Salesforce ecosystem. How does internal collaboration and communication help businesses drive growth? That is the topic Caleb Dow at our partner, Introhive, discusses in this blog. Take a look at how an effective collaborative environment coupled with a culture that encourages teamwork has a profound impact on an organization’s innovation, productivity, and revenues, directly fuelling growth.

The sales analytics market continues to evolve. If you missed out, here’s the latest prediction for the 2022-28 cycle. It features solutions in the market segmented by key players and application type. For some in our international audience, here are the reports in Korean and Spanish. Meanwhile, if you are particularly keen on forecasting, you can see this report instead.