As a vanguard company on the forefront of harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, SalesChoice and its founder Dr. Cindy Gordon, are committed to Transparent and Ethical AI. In her recent op-ed for the CATAAlliance, Dr. Gordon discusses the UK’s forward-thinking by proposing five guiding principles for implementing AI and the importance to preserve a fair playing ground.

“Many new and unknown jobs will be created by AI, but many will also disappear in areas that are also knowledge worker jobs. Unlike the manufacturing productivity improvements derived from technology, AI has already demonstrated its capability to out perform humans. Hence, the reason for increasing ethics and regulatory frameworks to build the type of world we want to as humans, co-existing with Robots and increasingly smarter Everything.”

– Dr. Cindy Gordon

AI has quickly become the next great innovation in tech, but the time is now to offer leadership in how it is applied to the wider global market. Considering the ethics behind AI today, rather than tomorrow is paramount to success for all of us. Canada is lagging in having a clear AI position: the time is now.

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