In late January 2023, Dr. Cindy Gordon, SalesChoice CEO, attended a community event, that Collective[i] Forecast organized where Yann LeCun was the guest speaker. The session was attended by leading experts in AI, ML, CEOs, journalists, and company representatives who simply wanted to hear what was on Yann’s mind. Dr. Cindy’s latest blog “Why Meta’s Yann LeCun Is An AI Godfather And Why ChatGPT3 Is Not Revolutionary” shares what Yann LeCun had to say about hAI Ethics in light of ChatGPT3’s announcement. Click here to read more.

About Dr. Cindy Gordon:

Dr. Cindy Gordon is the CEO of SalesChoice, a Cognitive Sciences AI-based sales analytics platform and Data Sciences company. Prior she has held senior leadership roles at Accenture, Xerox and Citicorp. Internationally, she is recognized for her innovation thought leadership with over 14 books in the market. Cindy is also a Board Director /Advisor with: Corent Technology, TouchTV, Kula and CoursePeer. She is also a recipient of the Governor’s General Award for Innovation. Her community track record is extensive, highlights include: CATA (Current National Media Spokesperson for Women in STEM), Invest CrowdFund (ICC) Canada (Former National Chair), Former National Chair at Women in Technology (CATA: CANWIT), Co-Chair, iCanada (Smart Cities), Former Director, Nightwood Theatre, Former Director, St. Lawrence Theatre, Former President, Xerox Canada Women in Technology, etc.

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