Forbes recently published our article on Why Board Directors & CEO’s must become AI literate to lead forward. You can read the insightful article here, complete with the questions you can answer to assess the state of your AI leadership.

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Dr. Cindy Gordon has now joined the Advisory Board at the AI Forum, a leading independent research and information source for the worldwide artificial intelligence community. You can read more here.

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As part of the Women Leading with AI & Advanced Analytics initiative In partnership with IT World Canada, we continue to profile women leaders in the space. With an impressive roster lined up, you can find the podcasts on our website. Here is more information on the series.

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And finally, here is an expert panel at Forbes discussing the 12 ways Machine Learning can revamp our sales process. Read this gem of an article and find out how many of these you are aware of!

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  • Improve your Data Completeness by 75% or more
  • Reduce Cost of Sales by at least 20%,
  • Achieve 95% revenue forecasting accuracy,
  • Increase your sales win rates by 10-15%

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