May has been the Mental Health Awareness month. Started originally by Mental Health America organization, it has been observed annually since 1949. At SalesChoice, we have been serious about tackling mental health among professionals, and are thrilled to be featured by the Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) and Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) from the Government of Ontario in this video covering how SalesChoice helped Purolator track the mental health of its frontline workforce.

If you don’t know about Mood Insights, catch this 30-second video to learn how you can achieve a team dynamic and employee experience like never before with a real-time channel to reduce costly operational risks and employee churn, all while respecting individual privacy. More details on the website here.

In her Forbes column this month, Dr Cindy Gordon featured Vela Partners, world’s first product led and AI-powered VC firm, and deliberated on the risks of Generative AI innovations. She also looked at Chief Diversity OfficersSales Leaders and CEOs on their respective roles in the AI world, benefits and risks of the technology, and dealing with data biases.

Singularity is that much anticipated point when AI becomes as intelligent as humans. The Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University, Gary Bolles, sat with us to discuss the Next Rules of Work in an insightful podcast on what really works in building great cultures.

We also featured DistillerSR in our guest column, with a podcast with Peter O’ Blenis, CEO, to discuss automating literature reviews in the field of Life Sciences with AI. Peter shared key takeaways on organizational success with AI enablement that we invite you to take note of.

Also joining us in a podcast was Helen Fanucci, Former CS Sales Leader at Microsoft, and Sheevaun Thatcher, VP Strategic Slack Enablement at Salesforce. Both Helen and Sheevaun covered how to retain the human element at workplace by loving your team to improve performance. Their focus was on sales & customer facing teams in particular.

As always, if revenue enablement and increasing your topline revenue in this tough economic climate is top of mind for your organization, reach out to us to see the most comprehensive suite of features you can get on a single app to supercharge your sales team.