Toronto, Canada | October, 2023 – The global healthcare community is gearing up for a one of a kind event – the Virtual Care Rehab Conference 2023, on October 14th, 2023. 

This groundbreaking conference promises to be a unique amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, innovative approaches, and expert insights in the field of rehabilitation.

The Virtual Care Rehab Conference 2023 is poised to bring together leading experts, healthcare professionals, researchers, and technology pioneers on a single virtual platform. 

Virtual Care Rehab isn’t just modernizing healthcare; it’s redefining rehabilitation within the healthcare system. By harnessing a thoughtful and ethical approach, clinical experience, and respect for patient preference with emerging technologies, we’re making quality care accessible, personalized, and efficient for everyone. Our mission is not just to navigate the healthcare landscape but to reshape it for the better. We believe that new industries require new industry leaders,” says Dr. Christopher Saieva, CEO/Founder at Virtual Care Rehab Inc.

By attending the Virtual Care Rehab Conference, participants will:

  • Experience the latest virtual healthcare technologies and their potential impact on the rehabilitation field
  • Learn from researchers and industry experts
  • Network with like-minded individuals, healthcare enthusiasts, and industry leaders
  • Discover the future of virtual healthcare and its implications for the healthcare system
  • Gain insights and knowledge to stay ahead in the field
  • Become eligible for continuing education credits
  • Prepare your clinic for upcoming changes
  • Familiarize yourself with major developments in health technology
  • Interact with health tech vendors
  • Play a role in shaping the future of healthcare
  • Enjoy complimentary food and beverages
  • Have a chance to win event prizes!

SalesChoice is pleased to share that Dr. Cindy Gordon will be speaking on The Future of Healthcare: Redesigning the Rehabilitation System by 2033. Specifically, she will talk about the Ethical Considerations in Navigating AI-Driven Rehabilitation, and the increasing importance of leadership focused on happiness and health. MoodInsights™ will also be formally launched at this inaugural event and showcased in an innovation booth.

“The Healthcare Industry is exploding with AI applications growing at an unprecedented rate, a market valued greater than USD $15.4 billion with  a CAGR of 37.5% from 2023 to 2030. The increasing number of datasets of patient health-related digital information,  demand for personalized medicine, and pressures to reduce health care expenses are the top 3 market dynamics. Also, the rising geriatric population, changing lifestyles, prevalence of chronic diseases, and alarming declines in human happiness, where 20-30% of people worldwide wake up sad or angry every day is accelerating rates of depression, anxiety and  contributing  to the surge in demand for diagnosing and improved understanding of diseases in their initial stages. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is  breaking down traditional barriers and is able to accurately predict diseases in their early stages based on historical health datasets. However, what is critical  is to ensure that we are using accurate datasets and not propagating data bias into complex AI models. Accelerating governance and to ensure that AI datasets are following ethical AI best practices and are auditable to manage risk is key.  SalesChoice is a leader in responsible and ethical AI for human advantage,“ says Dr. Cindy Gordon.

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About Dr. Cindy Gordon

Dr. Cindy Gordon ICD.D. is the CEO of SalesChoice, a SaaS AI company focused on Ending Growth Uncertainty for Human Advantage and has been recognized by Onalytica as one of the top AI global influencers. Prior, she has held senior executive and partner roles at Accenture, Xerox, and Citicorp. She has also been a venture capitalist or angel advancing B2B technology software companies. Internationally, she is recognized for her innovative thought leadership with over 14 books in the market. Cindy is also a board advisor/ thought leader in  SaaS /AI or AI education/ market research companies at:  The AI Forum,  Corent Technology, Forbes,  Kaji.AI, USAII. Her AI community track record is extensive, University of Arizona – Business and Technology AI Board Advisor, Adjunct Professor, George Brown College, Applied AI. She regularly speaks at international conferences to advance AI Ethics and AI Education to board directors and C-suite executives. Academically, Dr. Gordon has an honorary Applied AI Doctorate Certification from George Brown College, an MIT AI Strategy Certification, and a doctorate in Complexity Science and Social Networks. She is also a certified Board Director with an ICD.D. designation. Under Dr. Gordon’s leadership, the company has won over twenty international awards, most recently she was recognized as the CEO of the Year Award for Women in Digital Transformation. She has also received the Governor General Award for her Innovation and Community Leadership.

About SalesChoice Inc. 

SalesChoice InsightEngine™ is an Award-winning AI platform that brings B2B sales and employee productivity apps to organizations. While SalesInsights™ helps B2B sales teams to end revenue uncertainty and sales inefficiencies to increase top-line revenue, MoodInsights™ helps organizations to reduce costs by tackling employee churn, operational risks and workforce wellbeing. Together these applications End Revenue Uncertainty for Human Advantage. Our Data Sciences as a Service offering ensures our customers design, build and run ethical AI practices.

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