June 22nd, 2020 | Toronto, CA – SalesChoice Inc., a Cognitive Sciences and Data Sciences Company offering the smartest and easiest to use AI for sales analytics, recently held a 3-part Webinar Series, “Surviving Today & Thriving Post-Corona,” in partnership with Ton Dobbe, CEO Value Inspiration, featuring 10 Global Technology CEOs.

In Part 1: “It’s All About Delivering Value”, featuring Timothy Willis, COO Aerobotics, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, Olin Hyde, CEO Leadcrunch, and Len Georgiou, President RLDatix. In this high impact webinar, they discussed successful strategies on how to deliver value in times like this, followed by a deep dive on topics including:

  • The Art of Sniper Focused Segmentation & Positioning to Accelerate Growth
  • Survive the Short-Term – The essence of Closing the Right Deals, leveraging AI.
  • The Art of offering Something Valuable and Desirable to Secure Customer Traction

In Part 2: “It’s All About Momentum,” Mark Organ, Chairman Influitive, and Co-Founder, Eloqua, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, Sachin Dev Duggal, CEO Builder.ai, and Roland Hallebeek, CEO Scotty Technologies explored strategies on how to cut through the noise and break the filters; how to create momentum, keep it going and grow more rapidly, as we work together to turn the Covid Crisis. This webinar included insights on:

  • The Power of Advocates to Grow your Brand
  • The Power of Surprise to Enchant Customer Delight
  • Hit the Right Nerve / Win the Customer Heart
  • Focus Hard & Win the Deals that are actually in Play

In Part 3: “It’s All About Your Viability”, Dr.  Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, Patrik Berglund, CEO Xeneta, Dagmar Schuller, CEO audEERING, and Paul Zak, CEO of Immersion, addressed who can leapfrog and use this crisis to leverage the opportunity this creates, and how to survive today, and thrive post-Corona? They also discussed the importance of:

  • The Power of Creating a Culture of Curiosity to Accelerate Risk Taking
  • Creating New Value Possibilities and Pathways to Be Seen Above the Noise
  • Creating Fans, not Just Customers – Memorable Moments that Sustain
  • Focus on the Essence / Becoming More Resourceful on All Fronts!

In case you missed these high impact CEO Technology Software Leader Discussions, you can view the 3 webinar recordings on our website now.

About Ton Dobbe

Ton Dobbe, CEO, Value Inspirations,  is a strategic product marketing expert and recognized global influencer on marketing, AI and Innovation. With over twenty-eight years of experience in enterprise business software, he advises, consults, and speaks with tech-entrepreneurs-on-a-mission (start-ups to Fortune 500) to deliver the change they seek to make in the world in the most remarkable and impactful way.

He hosts the weekly Value Inspiration podcast, with the sole purpose of sharing compelling stories of the value we can unlock when technology and people blend in the right way.


About SalesChoice Inc.

SalesChoice is a Cognitive Sciences and Data Sciences Company offering the smartest and easiest to use AI for sales analytics that helps B2B organizations end revenue uncertainties and sales inefficiencies with custom insights on forecasts, pipeline opportunities, account relationships, rep performance coaching and data completeness to optimize the return of your CRM investment. The software helps reduce cost of sales by 20-30%, increase top-line revenue by 15-20%, and improve sales forecasting accuracy by 20-50%.

SalesChoice has won numerous recognitions including: Top 20 Technology Companies in Canada 2020, 2019 Mindbridge AI Impact Leader of the Year award, Digital Transformation Award 2018 for AI Disruption in Canada, Innovation National and Regional Award Winner – StartUp Canada 2017, EY CATA Sara Kirke CEO Innovation Award 2017, 30 Most Innovative Companies 2017, The Silicon100 List 2017, and Top 25 Most Empowering Big Data Company Award 2016.


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