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July 2019 Newsletter

july 2019 SalesChoice newsletter

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June 2019 Newsletter

June 2019 SalesChoice newsletter

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SalesChoice January-February 2019 Newsletter

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SalesChoice December 2018 Newsletter

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Achieving AI Supercluster Status Via AI Guided Selling Approaches: CATA Exclusive Webinar Invitation



July 26th, 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST.

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Webinar ID: 342-552-075


Declining Human Productivity in The Age of Distraction

Did you know that our human attention levels cognitively has declined by over 50% since the advent of mobile. We now live in the Age of Distraction, where humans are increasingly unproductive, and addicted to mobile phones, texting and spending more time on being connected 7×24. The impact is catastrophic to business productivity, but also raising concerns on the addictiveness of smart technology to the human race.

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March 2018 Newsletter

The third and fourth videos in the joint series by EY and SalesChoice around Managing the Risks of AI are out now. Learn about Explainable AI and how to Be AI Ready here.

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The Predictive Pipeline Webinar – March 29th: 2PM


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Did you know that high performing sales teams are 3.5x more likely to be currently using sales analytics? The amount of data available to sales organizations has grown exponentially in recent years. Amid the data explosion, however, companies have struggled to make sense of it all.

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See how Predictive Analytics is Driving Smarter Sales: Webinar – March 29th 2:00 PM Join us


Did you know that 74% of sales leaders are using or will be using sales analytics in the next 18 months? Join Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO and Founder of SalesChoice with our SalesForce clients and SalesForce partner for a special webinar on March 29th @ 2pm EST to understand how to make data-driven decisions that accelerate your revenue growth and win rates. Learn how sales analytics help you:

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Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice joins CATA Innovation Gala Panel to discuss Canada’s Innovation Imperative to create a WEOLOGY Nation

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on May 28th  to celebrate the best of Canadian innovation and see the world’s most adopted technologies. For more than three decades, the CATA Alliance Innovation Gala has been celebrating the best in Canadian advanced technology. It has become one of the most eagerly awaited events in Canada’s business calendar.

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