SalesChoice was recognized in the Global Sales Forecasting Software Market report published by Verified Market Research.

With an industry leading grasp of the forecasting use case that allows sales teams to achieve and validate an accurate forecasting in real-time to avoid quarter-end surprises, SalesChoice is now taking things a step further by incorporating Generative AI-led behavioural insights into the sales psyche. Contact us to get an early understanding of this unprecedented feature.

As always, if revenue enablement and increasing your topline revenue in this tough economic climate is top of mind for your organization, reach out to us to see the most comprehensive suite of features you can get on a single app to supercharge your sales team. And if employee churn is of concern and you’d like to improve your workforce productivity and retention, take a look at how we are making employee surveys redundant with our Mood Insights offering.

In our latest podcast, we hosted Charles Caldwell, CEO of Global Investments and author of Living Smart with Heart. With over three decades of presence in the data and analytics market, Charles offered insights needed by executives to develop step-change strategies, solution roadmaps and action plans to optimize businesses for AI. You can listen to the session here.

Finally, Cindy’s latest Forbes article looking at mitigating climate change risks and a company that is doing so with sustainable fashion. Tandem Repeat, a brainchild of Dr. Gozde Senel Ayaz, Dr. Benjamin Allen, and Dr. Melik Demirel, is using Squitex technology to transform the fashion industry with a sustainable, non-polluting replacement for petroleum and animal-based fibers. You can read more about it here.