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Dr. Cindy Gordon & Malay Upadhyay are delighted to announce their latest book, The AI Dilemma, from the house of BPB Publications, one of the world’s largest publishers of IT books. This book paints a picture of the perfect world or the perfect storm AI can create for us, and is ideal for those looking to assess the impact of AI in their industry & their organizational AI maturity.


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For IT Leaders: This week, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, will be participating in a Panel Discussion on Exploring the Implementation Risks of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Protect Your Business at the 7th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit. You can view all sessions to be held on March 24 & 25, and register here.


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For Sales Leaders: In case you missed our last newsletter, there’s still time to join the Global Sales Leaders Network. It is a community where people with different experiences will help you short-cut mistakes, remove your blind-spots, sharpen your thinking. Join today to get free access to a unique set of programs.


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For Heads of Organizations: We’re getting closer as next month, SalesChoice will jointly host with Bedford Consulting Group and EY, the next CEO webinar on building a world class AI-driven organization and modernizing business operations, featuring Jeanne Lam, Chief Business Officer at WattPad and AI spokesperson; Dr. Danny Lange, Chief Data Scientist at Unity Technologies. Here are the questions the C-levels will get answers to in this session.


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