SalesChoice specializes in Predictive Analytics and Making Sales a Science. We launched our new Predictive Insight Engine in the Fall of 2014, and we are in rapid commercialization mode currently.

We are under very restrictive NDAs as our science is uncannily smart and is reliably predicting future outcomes at 85% or more accuracy. Every client has received value and insight. How they apply this intelligence is something we are continuing to research. But what is clear our data scientists are finding incredible gems in large global data sets of data found in We launched on the App Exchange and more information can be found at the Appexchange or visit us at

Spark Experiences

  • A Global SaaS Document Management Company with a sales force of 25 has a CEO and SVP of Sales spending 1-2 days/month rationalizing their sales forecast – now they just look at what SalesChoice says as it has been consistently accurate in three months since the software was deployed. An ROI of over 1000%, saving 24 days/month of C level executives time – offering peace of mind and an opportunity to invest in new customer call activity vs. administrative overhead.
  • A Tier One Global Software company that has its sales reps using SalesChoice to help focus middle tier sales professionals to focus on the right opportunities with the best win attributes. Even a 5% improvement will generate Top line Revenue growth of over $50M to this company. It is still early days but trend lines are very positive as we are tracking predictions against outcomes.

What the Experts Say

  • Experts like IBM and McKinsey say that CEO’s and C levels need to have a strategy for Big Data and Predictive Analytics as it can mean:
    • 1.6X Revenue Growth
    • 2.0X EBITDA Growth
    • 2.5X Stock Appreciation
    • 10X  CAGR