SalesChoice has won two prestigious FinancesOnline awards for business intelligence software!

SalesChoice is one of the few data science platforms able to guarantee up to 95% accuracy in wins/loses forecasting, and is thus often referred to by the expert community as a top business intelligence application. So it was to our utmost pleasure that SalesChoice got recommended by one of world’s leading B2B software directories, where it was awarded with two highly appreciated productivity awards. 

SalesChoice was named the 2017 Rising Star of business intelligence, right because of its uniqueness and the notably good traction it established with its users. At the same time, FinancesOnline awarded our system their Great User Experience Award for reliable support and intuitive navigation. We couldn’t be prouder to have won these awards, as they are reserved exclusively for best-of-breed solutions that cater to the needs of diverse users.

In order to recommend SalesChoice to their readers’ community, experts also discussed it on their list of data analysis software for 2017, inviting users to consider its predictive and prescriptive sales analysis. SalesChoice was also praised for its flexible, quote-based pricing that guarantees reasonable price rates for low-tier marketers, and the number of handy integrations which allows users to implement it in less than no time.