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Listen in to a recent webinar recording where Dr. Cindy Gordon CEO of SalesChoice, a leading predictive analytics SaaS Company focused on improving sales profitability and productivity, interviews Thought Leader, Author Justin Roff-Marsh about his new book, TheMachine. In this thoughtful new publication, Jason asks Chief Sales Executives to wrestle their sales teams away from autonomous field-based artisans in favour of a tightly synchronized team of specialists. He introduces some new approaches that offer new and refreshing points of view in his methodology which he calls Sales Process Engineering (SPE). Through (SPE), Roff-Marsh outlines:



• Challenges: Why it’s imperative for organizations to shift to this new sales function SPE design,

• Discusses: Real-world success stories of implementing the structure
• Highlights: The six deeply held sales assumptions that trap most executives
• Challenges Views: The death of field sales
• Identifies: New approach to sales compensation
• Discusses: problems with CRMs

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More information on “The Machine” can be found at Justin Roff-Marsh web site.

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