AI leads society to the next phase of human evolution, it is becoming increasingly more evident that we are at risk of creating a future in the flawed image of her maker; and, perhaps a blueprint constructed from nothing more than glorified digital eugenics.

Join Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, at the Interzone Politik conference this Dec 3rd, as she addresses the question: Can we create an intelligence that is not constrained by the limitations and prejudices of its creators to have AI serve all humanity, or will it become the latest and most powerful tool for perpetuating and magnifying racism and inequality?, in a panel discussion hosted by John Koetsier, AI Contributor at Forbes and Business Insider.

The panel will also feature industry experts:

  • Beena Ammanath | Executive Director of the Deloitte AI Institute | Founder of Humans for AI
  • Anima Anandkuma | Executive Director of Machine Learning Research at NVIDIA
  • Dr. Danny Lange | Senior Vice President of AI at Unity Technologies | Former Head of Machine Learning at Uber and Amazon
  • Dr. Lobna Karoui | President of AI Exponential Thinker I Global AI Panel Contributor at Forbes and MIT

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