Blog #2 discussed the history of predictive analytics from the perspective of Artificial Intelligence, and traced leadership from both classical philosophers like: Aristotle, Euclid, in ancient times to covering more modern times, profiling British mathematician Alan Turing. His provocative innovation question posed at a 1956 conference: “Can machines think?”, spurred on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) movement, and unleashed a cosmic energy force that has some modern scientists, worried, others see the positive effects.

We now have AI Innovations ranging from speech recognition to self-driving vehicles, to eradication of disease and poverty from AI approaches. At SalesChoice, we have been specializing in developing AI (machine learning) methods for sales and marketing business processes, principally around smarter sales forecasting, smarter deal prioritization and smarter predictive pricing approaches. Our newer products focus on micro-segmentation, and lead generation surge intelligence.

We initially worked with Dr. Kumar Murty, Chair of the Mathematics Faculty at the University of Toronto, on an early NSERC grant to help us with our research which gave us the confidence that it was possible to develop deep-machine learning methods over large sales data sets to flag talent behavior gaps and also investigate how constrained the elasticity was in human behavior in recognizing what a poor sales cycle was or a good one was. These deeper graph trend signals over time will create a stock market like graph like grid pulsating all the interactive signals of a company’s customer heartbeat.

The machine intelligence systems don’t have emotional intelligence – it’s all about math and their signals over large historical data sets are uncannily accurate. Of course robust data quality and consistency for statistical base-lining are core readiness considerations. We have now learned that sales professionals are by in large deplorable in documenting their sales knowledge and keeping accurate sales pipeline know-how. Stronger sales leadership is going to be critical to ensure if sales professionals are not feeding the CRM beast there likely won’t be a job for those sales professionals as the risk is intensifying in the war for data intelligence baseline to overlay AI optimization processes for competitive survival.

If companies don’t feed their CRM beast – the unfed beasts will literally be killed by other companies which will have the discipline and the actionable insights advantage. Consume technology more efficiently or be outwitted by smarter data rich competitors.

Fast forward, the AI Leaders are rapidly maturing as a community globally. Some of the AI Leaders that we are following are summarized below. From time to time we will evolve this list as we continue building our relationships out globally.

Artificial Intelligence or Disruptive Innovation Community Leaders

  1. Elon Musk, co-founder of Open AI, a organization dedicated to making sure AI is beneficial to humanity.
  2. Martin Ford, provocative author of #RiseoftheRobots and The Lights in the Tunnel – challenging us to be cautious as the New AI Era unfolds.
  3. Joanna J Byrson, from the University of Bath/Princeton’s Artificial & Natural Intelligence specializes also in: Cognition, Culture, & Society, AI Ethics, Safety, & Policy.
  4. Angela Zutavern, Data Science and Innovation VP, Booz Allen is in the trenches delivering data science and innovation approaches.
  5. Dr. Angela Lim ,Canadian computer scientist. Ph.D. in AI and emotions, building software for SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper robot.
  6. Gary Marcus, CEO of Geometric Intelligence, Professor Psychology & Neural Science, at New York University is doing deep AI research into the linkages of neural science with machine intelligence.
  7. Ben Goertzel, is a prolific advocate for open source General (human-like) Artificial Intelligence and advancing the field of robotics.
  8. David Brin, futurist and author Insistence of Vision, which he says “will open doorways into possible (and mind-blowing) tomorrows and alternate realities.”
  9. Randy Olson, data scientist researching AI, master curator of great content related to AI.
  10. Rodney Brooks, CTO of Rethink Robotics, a company that makes robots that collaborate with humans.
  11. Rod Furlan, a Singularity University alum who’s the founder of Lucidscape, a company that is building a new kind of massively-distributed 3D simulation engine to power the vast network of interconnected virtual worlds.
  12. Sam Madden, Computer Science and AI Research leader at CSAIL (MIT) conducts AI research into Big Data Themes on Visualization, Architecture Constructs, and Design Implications.
  13. Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, former Toronto Professor’s company, DNN Research, an image recognition startup was bought by Google and works in Google’s AI research labs.
  14. Yoshua Bengio, an AI professor at the University of Montreal, Canada is an expert in Statistical Mathematical Learning Algorithms.
  15. Dr. Russian Salakhutdinov, University of Toronto, AI Professor statistical machine learning, deep learning, probabilistic graphical models, and large-scale optimization.The University of Toronto has created a startup accelerator named the Creative Destruction Lab and this year launched a program exclusively focused on AI.
  1. John Giannandrea, Chief AI Search Officer, Google is known for spearheading the Knowledge Graph Project. That’s the informational sidebar that tries to save you from having to click any links that you sometimes see on the right side of the screen when you search for something.
  2. Berkeley Warburton, Managing Partner, Accenture leads the CRM Strategy Practice in Canada, and is innovating with Communication Business Intelligence Dashboards, integrating Predictive Intelligence into actionable insights. Her research on the Age of Distraction is world-class.

The Risk of AI: The Future of Life – Open Letter

The Future of Life Open letter and community is a movement warning humans of the risks that Artificial Intelligence could pose to society if the underlying technology is not carefully controlled. Led by Steven Hawking, Elon Musk and literally thousands of top scientists and technology leaders have signed the dangers of developing AI solutions without an understanding of the human desires and the risks underlying AI innovations.

To date, over 8,179 global leaders have come together, including our company SalesChoice has also signed the Future of Life Open Letter.

The Future of Life Open Letter can be viewed touts the value of AI approaches, but also warns of the possible risks. The thoughtful list of leaders is a whose who and helpful to appreciate the leaders globally concerned about ethical AI policy making.


As noted in Blog#1, Predictive Analytics will infect every business process world-wide and eventually all Smart AI Algorithms will be connected into deeper learning networks which we predict will guide the human race to make more informed decisions, acting like powerful data synthesis guides or intelligent agents that are trusted, secure, and accurate.

We predict these agents will soon become’s man’s constant companion, never leaving one’s side, never turned off, never tired, acting like a trusted beacon to guide us 24X7.

We have a responsibility to ensure privacy and security and also keeping in tact what is precious of being a human is acknowledged and sustained as the AI movement continues to evolve.

What we do know is that as man and machine evolve further, they will be more integrated than in any other period of human history.

Deep Learning Methods

Deep learning methods as outlined in Blog2 briefly discussed that deep structured learning, hierarchical learning or deep machine learning methods is a branch of machine learning based on a set of algorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data by using a deep graph with multiple processing layers, composed of multiple linear and non-linear transformations. Think of Sales as a series of pulse signals inside and outside the CRM with deep graphical intelligence mining the linkages and discarding irrelevancy.

Recently deep learning approaches into CRM practices are creating an innovation surge, as actions over time are connected along a customer’s life-time value chain (bread crumbs or data gems mined).

As all customer interaction communication signals are monitored across all pathways, the predictive models will truly become Big Data predictive models with varying levels of sophistication and accuracy, ranging from a crude heuristic to the use of complex predictive analytics techniques.

SalesChoice has already extend our AI solution to take advantage of SalesForce’s Wave Analytic capabilities, and you can see a Demo here of our two products interacting harmoniously.

We are also looking forward to learning more about EINSTEIN at DreamForce 2016, like many SalesForce Ecosystem partners, we will all need to find mutual value pathways to evolve our Predictive World: Our New Normal. Always On – Always Thinking – Always Learning – as The Science of Selling continues to change the world of B2B marketing and sales business processes, and constantly challenge our views of reality.

This is an exciting time for each of us as our Predictive Generation continues to emerge rapidly. Are you ready?

Most CEO’s are not, and most Board Directors are not, and most CRO’s and CFOS are not. Time to innovate or be crushed as the PREDICTIVE WAVE is like a Giant Tsunami.

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Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice Inc.

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