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SalesChoice has just released 2 new features in its AI Insight Engine for sales professionals to End Revenue Uncertainty.

  1. Now you can understand if your customers’ or accounts’ linguistic patterns are leading to positive or negative sentiment, track your conversations over time, and assess the risk of churn or change in your share of wallet?
  2. Run also an easy to use AI simulator to check the impact of your changes on win or loss odds. Some examples include finding the right pricing range or discounts that is optimal for your industry or solution set.


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SalesChoice was featured as part of the Global Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market 2021 by Discovery Sports Media. We were also covered in the Sales Forecasting Software market reports by Verified Market Research (VMR) and Industrial IT.


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Continuing with the focus on industries, Dr. Cindy Gordon’s latest articles on Forbes include a look at the telecommunications industry and the acceleration in innovations by the government and business to fight against Covid19. Would you like us to cover the AI impact, changes and needs in your industry? Get in touch with us.


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We understand that for all its benefits, AI deployment in sales or across the organization can be a challenging task. We are here for all your AI enablement needs to make sure that the journey to your vision and targets is smooth and efficient. Contact us today for a discovery conversation as we stand for your growth and success.


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SalesChoice is an Award-winning AI sales productivity app available on Salesforce AppExchange that ends revenue uncertainty and sales inefficiencies for B2B sales teams.

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