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SalesChoice has secured an AVIN Grant from Ontario Centers of Innovation (OCI) to build an AI Mood Health App in partnership with our Platinum Tier One Customer, Purolator. As a result of the ongoing digital transformation and the ambitious HealthFirst project, Purolator CIO Ricardo Costa was recognized as CIO of the Year at IT World Canada’s recent Digital Transformation Awards. You can see the feature video here, which includes a section on how SalesChoice is involved in this new project.


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Following its recognition as a Top Consulting Company in Toronto by, the organization has also recognized SalesChoice among the Top 29 Predictive Analytics Startups and Companies in Toronto on the basis of innovation, growth, management and societal impact. You can see the full list of companies in the article by Mark Dunn here.


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Early Product Announcement – SalesChoice’s AI Insight Engine, the most comprehensive AI sales analytics platform is adding a powerful new Sentiment Mining layer to its sales predictive capabilities. SalesChoice customers will now be able to see how their customer language is trending in order to predict growth or churn risks. Contact us to learn more about this new feature.










You can now access the book ‘The AI Dilemma: A Leadership Guide to Assess Enterprise AI Maturity & Explore AI’s Impact in Your Industry’ through our website. The book, authored by Dr. Cindy Gordon and Malay Upadhyay, is for those who are looking to grasp the current state and future possibilities of AI across multiple industries, and has been hailed by notable experts including Rich Karlgaard, futurist and editor-at-large at Forbes.


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    • End Revenue uncertainty & sales inefficiency

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