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SalesChoice has won the 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards for the Most Outstanding AI-Based Sales Analytics Platform 2021 – Canada! Awarded by the Corporate Vision Magazine, this programme showcased the companies & individuals who are committed to innovation, business growth and provide the very best products and services in key industries worldwide. You can find all the winners & read more here.


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SalesChoice has been featured for the second year in a row in Sales Mastery’s AI-for-Sales Solution Guide. The 2021 edition provides a comprehensive review of the best AI players in sales globally, that can optimize various aspects of the customer lifecycle management process.


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What if you could achieve over 250% ROI on your AI investment in the sales team? If that sounds steep, you can now use our new-look 30-second calculator to quickly calculate the investment, breakeven and ROI for your unique sales organization with just 3 easy questions!


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The Global Sales Leaders Network was formed to help B2B sales leaders join forces together to conquer revenue uncertainty. It offers a year-round continuous online workstream that can help you learn from the challenges your peers are facing and address your own. Take a look at how you can be part of this elite list, or watch what some sales leaders have to say.


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    • Increase Your Sales Revenue Performance by 30%
    • Improve Your Salesforce adoption,
    • Get Your Organization AI Ready
    • End Revenue uncertainty & sales inefficiency

Do you know how much it would cost you to realize these benefits in your organization? And how you could recover the investment in the first quarter? Contact us to find out.