Sales professionals have hit rock bottom in B2B Sales Productivity. Time in field has consistently dropped year over year and is reported by Accenture in their recent Age of Distraction Report has decreased from 41% time in field to less than 31% of time.

Focus is a distress signal everywhere. What does one do?

At SalesChoice, the Future of Sales is embedded in AI. Our core value is we make Data Speak – in Simple and Friendly ways.

We are excited to announce our Secret AI Agent “Selly Says” into our universal Sales Lexicon. A bit cheeky but Selly’s full name is Selly Sales, designed for sales professionals who need extra coaching support to help them keep moving in the right direction.

We have been pioneering for three years in advancing our AI and Machine Learning approaches in our proprietary platform, and we have integrated our capabilities into the SalesForce Analytics Platform tool-kits, including Wave Analytics. We are also looking forward to taking advantage of the new Einstein tools being launched at Dream Force in early October.

To celebrate in recognizing Einstein’s philosophy of Simplicity is Elegance, we are introducing our version of Sales Simplicity with our NEW Sales GPS Guidance System leveraging our Machine Learning Meta-Layer of Intelligent Alerts and Actionable Insights.

Below are examples of what Selly Says today and what is coming over the next three months.

Like Siri did for Apple, SalesChoice’s Sales GPS – Selly Says is a powerful Smarter Sales Enablement tool taking advantage of AI and Machine Learning methods.

7×24 Coaching with AI Intelligent Agents is going to push SalesChoice further upstream into Sales AI Cognitive Sciences leveraging everything we have learned as Sales Professionals, and enabling customers to customize triggers relevant to their businesses.

Selly Says – Experiences – Available Now

Selly Says: These are your early promising deals blooming so beautifully – Congratulations! Click Here

Selly Says: These opportunities are on the Edge and are high risk. Your odds of closing are very low, recommend you tell them Bye Bye. Click Here

Selly Says I can see that that your pricing discount is not in a high probability range to win – why don’t you try our discount probability graph to win more. You are leaving money on the table Click Here

Selly Says Your current Pipeline Multiple is below 3x and is currently at 2x – you need to find new opportunities to make your overall quota targets.

More Selly Conversations

Selly Says I can see that you have been spending your time chasing these four sales cycles, and they are not priced in the range to win. Here are the three cycles that look relevant to what you are trying to do. Click Here

Selly Says Your pipeline quota is not sufficient to meet your plan, so I recommend you focus on these four deals, and stop spending any time on these other two accounts, they have very low odds of success. Click Here

Selly Says: You have pushed this sales cycle out 12 times now and the average time to close with what you are selling is 5 times for a successful win. We recommend you stop wasting any more time on this Dud.  Kevin –  It’s Time to Change Gears. Click Here

AI the new Sales Challenger

Today we have learned that Artificial intelligence (AI) can beat chess champions. Certainly if AI can be used to play a game as unpredictable as chess it can be used for selling.

The challenge is that creating an artificial intelligence model to be able to not just emulate, but improve on decisions that humans make has required us to hire Ph.D’s in new roles as data scientists, leveraging skills in math, statistics, sentiment mining, linguistics and of course sales experts. When this collective talent comes together, we can build deep learning algorithms to advance the Science of Selling.

AI in its rawest form is too complicated to be a viable option for most companies, never mind sales organizations. To be of value for sales, we have already learned these five factors are key for success:

  • be able to analyze both structured and unstructured information such in diverse forms numeric, text data, communication data, etc. and surface relevance in the context of value to a sales professional;
  • be focused on the heart of sales to make precise insights of value to help a sales professional to advance a specific sales opportunity in real-time;
  • design a deep machine learning system that uses many AI methods, vs. one, that gets continually smarter over time, by analyzing similar sales situations and drawing insights from complex pattern signals;
  • ensure design is incredibly simple and easy to understand to get to Apple Siri Like quality; and
  • ensure talent performance metrics signals are continual overlays into the intelligence system from a collaboration perspective. Sales is about a series of interaction signals and making the diverse signals, inside and outside the CRM visible and relevant is what is key to an effective sales performance engine: bringing talent and machine together.


Selly Says – Our Mobile Sales GPS Vision is to make every customer touchpoint a smarter experience. The world of sales will be forever known as Before Selly Says and After Selly Says.

Ultimately, we are entering the Era where Machine means man and the Death of the Salesman without AI enabled tools.

It is also important that a successful use of these advanced AI and ML tools will enable improvements in sales practices, rather than replacing the sales professionals.

SalesChoice’s Selly Says – GPS Platform leverages the most advanced AI technologies — such as machine learning, deep learning, sentiment mining, advanced statistics and mathematical models, smart data discovery and incorporates them into a single, purpose-built set of AI CRM platform services, fully integrated with SalesForce.

Selly Says delivers AI to all sales professionals immediately and with further integration into the Einstein ecosystem we can help bring all intelligent interaction signals together to finally crack the real problem is that 30-60% of sales professionals do not make their sales plans.

AI is the secret code to help crush this problem. After all for thirty years of simply have CRM databases to fill data in – the productivity levels have declined year over year.

With Cognitive Sciences and mental, visual cues from mobile on the rise, Sales leaders will have a friendly mini me partner on their shoulders from SalesForce.

Selly Says.

Always On. Always Learning. Always Smarter. Forever Friendly.