February 1st, 2021 | Toronto, CA – SalesChoice and Value Inspirations joined forces to launch the Sales Leaders Network – a place where Chief Revenue Officers and VPs of Sales can tap into each others genius, level up, and lead. 

It’s an understatement that today’s market is changing faster than ever: New business models, rapidly evolving customer expectations, far from optimal economical and political conditions, an inflow of new competitors, and the list goes on.

These factors have put massive pressure on the primary task of CROs and VPs of Sales to achieve their ever increasing revenue targets. And in a world where revenue uncertainty is felt by everyone, senior Sales execs have nowhere to go other than their own bubble.

We realized that one of the major gaps in the global market is ease of access to leadership development experiences for B2B sales executives that are collaborative, knowledge rich, and centred around generous feedback from peers. 

Today’s sales leaders need to increase their support systems to understand what works and what not, to remove their blindspots  and sharpen their thinking to achieve both their aggressive sales and personal development goals.  COVID-19 has taught us how important peer networks are to help scale up growth, but also to have emotional support systems to have safe environments to connect, learn and grow in these very challenging times. 

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice, says: 

“We  have recognized in our Salesforce customer ecosystem(s) that B2B sales leaders are overwhelmed, increasingly distracted, and turnover rates are increasing. The average tenure of a sales CRO or VP of Sales is often less than 18 months and no sooner do they onboard and their jobs are at risk. No one benefits from this reality, and that’s why we believe it should stop. It’s exactly for this reason we decided to launch the Sales Leaders Network”

Ton Dobbe, Founder of Value Inspiration, says: “Having worked with 100s of B2B tech-entrepreneurs from around the world, exceptional performance comes from being different, not just better. And if that’s not hard enough – the ghost we’re all battling is complacency. The stories we tell ourselves that we’re ‘doing fine’. Obviously 100s of books have been written about this, and even more courses made available, but still most of us struggle. It’s because nothing is set in stone. 

This is exactly what the Sales Leadership Network targets: The room to explore new paths and formulate better strategies to accelerate their trajectory.” 

The Sales Leaders Network (SLN) is designed for B2B Sales Leaders that work for Mid- to Large sized organizations in the Salesforce Ecosystem. It’s centred around a structured, 12 month program and delivered through live weekly Mastermind Sessions, and is targeting companies with 25 or more sales professionals, using Salesforce CRM, in diverse industries.

About SalesChoice Inc. 

SalesChoice is a SaaS AI Insight Engine Platform and Data Sciences as a Services Company   that helps B2B organizations end revenue uncertainties solving unpredictable challenges in Sales Forecasting, Opportunity Prioritization, Data Completeness, and Relationship Intelligence. The software helps reduce cost of sales by 20-30%, increase top-line revenue by 15-20%, and improve sales forecasting accuracy by 20-50%. About Value Inspirations.

Value Inspiration is an agency that helps mission-led B2B software companies transform from average to remarkable. It’s led by Ton Dobbe, author of ‘The Remarkable Effect’, and host of the Tech-Entrepreneur-on-a-Mission Podcast. With nearly 30 years of experience in enterprise business software, he consults and guides B2B tech-entrepreneurs (start-ups to Fortune 500) to turn the big idea that sparked their business into the scale and momentum they aspire to.

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