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SalesChoice will be part of the Canadian AI Summit, being held on November 9th. The summit will allow attendees to learn from world-class speakers, discover how top companies are harnessing the power of AI and connect with powerful industry players. You can register here.


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How is AI improving industries like Healthcare and Media & Communications? You can read the impact of AI in these different spheres in our current and upcoming blogs. And if you’d prefer the complete list of industry-based coverage instantly, check out our book ‘The AI Dilemma‘, available in print or ebook versions at most leading online stores worldwide.


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Diving further into the massively growing logistics and transportation industry, Dr. Cindy Gordon discusses the rise of AI, telematics and emotion sensors in her ongoing series of articles on Forbes. If you haven’t already, follow her channel to stay up-to-date with her weekly insights on AI.


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The sales forecasting market is poised to grow at a healthy rate over the next 5 years, with SalesChoice one of the key players profiled in the sales analytics software market. Here is a review by the Global Banking and Finance Review discussing COVID19 impact scenario, trends, forecast, and leading key players.

We understand that for all its benefits, AI deployment in sales or across the organization can be a challenging task. We are here for all your AI enablement needs to make sure that the journey to your vision and targets is smooth and efficient. Contact us today for a quick chat.