It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday. But that’s not the only reason we are so excited… We mean, THIS excited! There are five reasons.

Reason 1: Our cool new video! Kick off you Canada Day celebration with this quick and peppy pitch. We definitely love it.

Reason 2: SalesChoice is now Einstein Analytics certified. Formerly called WAVE by Salesforce, it allows us to build lenses, dashboards, and apps (ANC-201), as well as work with Data and Dashboards (ANC-301) in Einstein Analytics. Wave is optimized for mobile access and data visualization; this BI analytic solution helps create powerful reports and dashboards from your enterprise data. SalesChoice’s predictive scores and insights can now easily overlay into Einstein Analytics, offering the most differentiated AI sales solution in the market.

Find out how our Wave certified engineers and leaders – who understand KPI’s (key performance indicators) – can help you Design, Build, Run and Sustain to ensure rapid sales focus and align collaboration to achieve financial goals.

Reason 3: Our CEO, Dr. Cindy Gordon, just keeps breaking new ground in achievements. This month, she has brought home two awards. Cindy has been chosen as one of the 30 Most Creative CEOs on the rise. She is also now a recognized Analytics Expert at the International Institute of Analytics in Boston, founded by Analytics guru Thomas Davenport. Click the links to read more about her work and background. It’s an interesting story.

Reason 4: We had a highly successful webinar with our friends at Zuora on Predicting Customer Renewals and Churn using AI. Watch the webcast to see why it attracted a record audience of executives. 

More importantly, we are about to host a breakthrough key to sales forecasting process. It’s called Pathway to Closure – a brainchild of Karen Hayward (Managing Partner & CMO at Chief Outsiders). This methodology is an ingenious approach that is unbelievably simplistic. Register here for this upcoming webinar.

Reason 5: This one is so much more personal. We all suffer from attention deficit disorder. The human attention span is now less than 8 seconds – that’s less than that of a goldfish! So what if we told you AI can solve the issue of B2B sales productivity decline? Read our latest blog to find out how.

You can also download the E-book on the topic for a nice weekend read!

So all in all, exciting times at SalesChoice as we remain committed to helping companies achieve Actionable Insights for Competitive Advantage using AI and Machine Learning approaches so that teams can accelerate Sales Wins and Conversion Rates. Together let us Predict, Prioritize and Pace.