There’s a reason we take AI seriously at SalesChoice. It is estimated that worldwide spending on artificial intelligence and cognitive systems is poised to rise to $46 billion in 2020, up 768% from 2016. The good thing is that we understand not only the economic but also the human element involved with AI adoption. 

To put this in context, let us hear from the SalesChoice team on the value we bring to your sales organization and just how we can help you adopt AI in a productive manner:

AI should be truly seamless for customers. That is why SalesChoice and Okapi have joined forces to bring the world’s first AI-based personal assistance platform for operational and sales excellence.

Okapi is a firm based out of Israel, that tracks KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) focused on customers & growth, finances, business processes and people. SalesChoice, on the other hand, brings powerful sales KPIs on pipeline health, forecasting accuracy, customer intention to purchase and data quality. In effect, our combined solutions now bring a 360 view of the performance metrics relevant to your organization with a 7X24 AI personal assistant, providing real time actionable insights. 

To explore how SalesChoice and Okapi have created an AI powerhouse for your organization and how significantly it can benefit your operational and sales business goals, register for our upcoming webinar on September 6.

Meanwhile, the webcast from our webinar on developing an accurate sales forecasting process with Pathway to Closure is now available here.

Always great to be featured in exclusive lists like Silicon100 by The Silicon Review. We congratulate everyone who made it to this list.

Meanwhile, we have been profiled by Aragon Research as a ‘Hot Vendor’ in Sales Enablement. You can read more about it here.

Finally, moving on to the event side: our quest to guide sales professionals on the value of AI will see me talk about AI-driven Sales. I will be joined by Steve Woods (CTO at Nudge & former CTO and Co-Founder, Eloqua) who will discuss Robots and Relationships. We thank API Garage for putting together this event on August 24, held in Toronto. There will be a recording of this event. So stay tuned!

So all in all, exciting times at SalesChoice as we remain committed to helping companies achieve Actionable Insights for Competitive Advantage using AI and Machine Learning approaches so that sales teams can accelerate their opportunity win and conversion rates. We can help you Predict, Prioritize, Pace and Profit, using proven methods to grow your business.

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Here’s the link again to register for our upcoming webinar on September 6 to learn how you can bring to your organization the world’s first AI-powered assistance for operational and sales excellence.

AI Powered Personal Assistance in Operational & Sales Excellence

According to an IBM report, 90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years. The majority of organizations find themselves working for the data, instead of the data working for them.
This is why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the strongest technological wave in our lifetime. It’s the only technology that can overcome this Tsunami.

SalesChoice, a Toronto-based predictive and prescriptive AI analytics expert in sales has partnered with Okapi, an Israel-based AI expert in KPI driven operational excellence. Okapi and SalesChoice customers get meaningful data driven insights in real time, providing a personal assistant for their entire team.

In our next webinar, Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO of SalesChoice will host Maya Gal and Iris Tsidon, Co-Founders of Okapi to discuss:
• The business imperatives driving AI-personal assistance growth
• The power of 360-KPI unification to align business goals
• Case study results of both SalesChoice and Okapi’s customer experiences
• The benefits of implementing AI for operational and sales excellence – today!
This session will be of most interest if you are using Salesforce combined with any leading ERP platform.

Join us to learn how the two companies create an AI powerhouse for your organization, bringing together the world’s first 7X24 AI personal assistance to improve operational and sales business goals.

SalesChoice invites you to join our webinar, be sure to enroll yourself by clicking here