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Predictive Analytics for Sales

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Increase Top-Line

Revenue by 10% or more


Identify Wins or Losses

at 85% accuracy or more


Improve Sales Forecast

accuracy by 30% or more


Reduces Sales Ramp

Time by 30% or more

SalesChoice helps you See More to Win More

Do You Live with These Challenges?

  • Predicting your pipeline is increasingly difficult.
  • Sales Forecasting is inaccurate.
  • Sales Ramp Time is way too long.

If you are experiencing these roadblocks, it’s time to look at SalesChoice.

SalesChoice helps create powerful dashboards that help manage sales more efficiently. Our predictive sales analytics measure lead sources against outcomes which helps in not only budget planning but also to get immediate visibility into opportunities which can result in predicted wins and hence increase focus on opportunities that need to be accelerate on.

SalesChoice prediction outcomes are upto 95% accurate thus helping our clients secure a competitive edge.

Insights. From Every Angle.

  • We help you see sales patterns from every angle using advanced predictive sales analytics.
  • We analyze data from internal and external sources to increase your odds of winning.
  • We have a proven track record of up to 95% prediction accuracy, guaranteed to close those gaps you cannot easily see.

SalesChoice predictive sales analytics help measure lead sources against their outcomes to create a more efficient budget plan while getting more visibility into opportunities from which lead sources can result in predictive wins. Our lead management software helps reduce client sales ramp time by 20% – 30% by providing scenario insights to achieve the best win pathways. Our “Time to Close” Sales Analytics show you which opportunities to accelerate on, and are up to 95% accurate. We do so by increasing clients’ visibility on drivers of wins or losses before they occur.

Simplicity. Easy. Always.

“SalesChoice predictions flow directly into our opportunities, allowing us to seamlessly integrate them into our Salesforce views with no learning curve. SalesChoice is flexible and allows me and my sales team to run scenarios to improve close rates.”

Dinesh Kandanchatha
Managing Director
Macadamian Technologies

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