May was an Awards month. Always good to get those, especially when they reflect something so much bigger than any of us! Let’s dive in.

Few of us know that Lady Sara Kirke was Canada’s first woman entrepreneur – a legacy dating as far back as 1638 that is recognized annually by The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA). This year, the Sara Kirke E&Y Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation went to Dr. Cindy Gordon, our Founder & CEO. Read the full history and details of the award here. Or Watch the Video to hear from Dr. Gordon.

In keeping with our Awards month, Saleschoice won not one but two: The Rising Star Award for its promising potential and early stage performance, and the Great User Experience Award for our constant focus on customer success – the key behind our growth. Why not Book a Demo with us to see what makes us so amazing for your topline revenues and sales success!

Moving on to some social, Dr. Cindy Gordon is now an Advisor to the New York based Enterprise Sales Forum for its Toronto chapter.  In case you missed out, their B2B sales meetups are a must-go. But don’t worry, we will keep you updated on future such events via our Linkedin and Twitter channels.

June 20th will see our friends at Okapi from Israel visit Toronto. Dr. Cindy will be hosting a Women-in-Tech breakfast that morning. The day will also feature a workshop on AI/ML and Google representation to discuss some of the million dollar operational mistakes. Stay tuned!

May also saw a great new webinar on discovering the power of Salesforce dashboards with Rich Benci, President of Provide Insight. In June, we will learn to Predict Customer Renewals and Reduce Churn with the Subscription Economy giants, Zuora. If that is a challenge you face, make sure you register here!

And don’t forget to utilize our knowledge bank and read the second part of our new blog series. We discuss how AI and trust are key to evolutionary success, all leading up to strategic recommendations for Boards of Directors and C-Level Executives to reflect upon.

So all in all, exciting times at SalesChoice as we remain committed to helping companies achieve Actionable Insights for Competitive Advantage using AI and Machine Learning approaches so that teams can accelerate Sales Wins and Conversion Rates. Together let us Prioritize, Predict and Pace.

Excited? Let us help you join the AI bandwagon and make the most out of your sales data. Please take advantage of our FREE 30-day trial, webinars, product evaluations, and resources to learn how Predictive Analytics can help your sales team succeed with more speed in 2017.

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And here’s the link again to register for our upcoming webinar. We will fish out gems to predict customer renewals and reduce churn! See you there.

Predictive World Webinar: “Predicting Customer Renewals & Churn Using AI-driven Insights”
with Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO of SalesChoice
Matthew Darrow, VP & GM at Zuora
and Dr. Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist at Zuora
When  Jun 21 2017 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (EDT)
Join Online  click here
Instructions   Register at the above link