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SalesChoice October Newsletter

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Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, Joins the AI Forum Board of Advisors

July 16th, 2020 | Toronto, CA – We are pleased to announce that Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice Inc. has recently been appointed as a member of the Board of Advisors for the AI Forum, an independent, international and multi-disciplinary Advisory Board that will provide market feedback and insight on AI.

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Gartner underlines the need to ‘deploy AI guided selling capabilities to maximize every deal’

July 10th, 2020 | Toronto, CA – Gartner recently released its new AI Guided Selling report after surveying global Chief Sales Officers (CSOs), and unsurprisingly, found that the COVID-19 outbreak had caught many Gartner clients unprepared – in particular, those that relied heavily on human-to-human interactions.

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April 2020 Newsletter

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Letter from the CEO: SalesChoice Offer to Beat this Downturn

A Black Swan challenges past metrics and how we think. To adapt, we need to:

  • Look beyond what we see in our Salesforce CRM to forecast revenue;
  • Stop looking at past sales reporting metrics and start predicting sales outcomes
  • Provide our sales professionals with deeper coaching insights to achieve their sales targets.

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March 2020 Newsletter

SalesChoice community

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February 2020 newsletter

SalesChoice feature

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SalesChoice Inc. Increases its Sales Talent Coverage in USA – A Sales Leader’s Story Worth Reading 

SalesChoice Inc., an award winning AI SaaS Sales Platform is expanding its USA market coverage as it enters its Scale Up Plans in the Guided Selling and Responsible AI Market place. This is the amazing story of what made a veteran Silicon Valley sales leader join SalesChoice.

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Dr. Cindy Gordon Joins the Forbes School of Business Board of Advisors

January 2nd, 2019 | Toronto, CA – We are pleased to announce that Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice Inc. has recently been appointed as a member of the Board of Advisors for the Forbes School of Business & Technology at Ashford University, San Diego, California, USA.

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SalesChoice December 2018 Newsletter


What does AI mean for a B2B sales professional and how this impacts her or his performance? Forbes recently published this article that mirrors our claim on how AI essentially means the evolution of a sales executive into a two-headed dynamo. An entertaining read for the week!


The third Executive discussion in our breakfast series will be held on Jan 15th, 2019 in Toronto, with famed author Mark Welch joining us to discuss what street savvy sales leaders do to win more. Attendees will walk away with a clear gap assessment. You can register here.


Dr. Cindy Gordon recently featured in business behavioural expert, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s Take The Lead National Syndicated Radio podcast channel featuring some of the best talks on leadership. You can listen to it on iTunes or Switcher.


How can we create a Culture of Curiosity: one of the most vital ingredients to foster innovation and growth in an organization? Dr. Diane Hamilton and Dr. Cindy Gordon will continue their discussion over a webinar on January 22nd, 2019. You can read the details and register here.


Did you know that Narrative storytelling enhances sales performance? We are in an age where it is critical to communicate predictive and prescriptive analytics insights effectively and develop stories behind the data. Read our blog to understand what difference this makes to improving business performance.

Stay tuned with progress and information in the world of Artificial Intelligence & B2B sales on our channel. Meanwhile, if you would like to address challenges facing your sales team to achieve your sales targets for 2019, do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.