13th November 2018 | Toronto, CA – SalesChoice is excited to announce the launch of its “Trusted AI Executive Breakfast Series.” The series will host market leaders from various industries, aiming to create and spread awareness about how Artificial Intelligence impacts B2B companies in the Age of Distraction.

The themes that upcoming events are designed around are:

  • What must every business executive know about Getting Started with AI in the Age of Distraction, and what are the changing roles of sales and marketing professionals?
  • What are AI sales & marketing applied use cases to modernize business?
  • What are the impacts of AI on privacy, security, and risk of data access beyond the UK’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? Where does Canada stand?
  • How to build an aligned AI strategy to create a unique competitive edge?
  • What are the changing skill sets of leaders to be relevant in the new AI driven economy?

The first event in the series is scheduled to take place on 21st November 2018 along with its media partners IT World Canada, CATA and venue partner – Capgemini.

The November series will host Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice. The former Venture capitalist, Accenture Partner, Xerox GM and Citibank VP and recipient of the 2017 Sara Kirke EY award among many others, will be introducing diverse global AI frameworks that help bring AI governance and execution to a position of thoughtfulness and trust.

Join us to learn how to lead strategically from this session and walk away with diverse global AI frameworks that can guide your organization forward. Register for the Trusted AI Executive Breakfast Series by SalesChoice on Eventbrite.

About SalesChoice.

SalesChoice a Cognitive Sciences AI-based sales analytics platform and Data Sciences Company that helps accelerate B2B organizations to reduce cost of sales by 20-30%, increase top-line revenue by 15-20%, and improve sales forecasting accuracy by 20-50%. The company has the following solution offerings in the market:

– Predictive Analytics (prioritize all sales opportunities and predict outcomes with up to 95% predictive accuracy)

– Prescriptive Analytics (7×24 sales guided selling coaching insights)

– Account Scoring (prioritize strategic accounts based on ongoing and past performance)

– Data Completeness (real-time view of data completeness levels across the dataset for every field and every user)

– Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) (solve difficult CRM data science challenges using Advanced AI Methods, including predictive churn)

SalesChoice is an ISV AppExchange partner of Salesforce, with an open API, and is also a certified Einstein Analytics solution provider. The company has won numerous awards recently including: Digital Transformation Award 2018 for AI Disruption in Canada, Innovation National and Regional Award Winner

– StartUp Canada 2017, EY CATA Sara Kirke Award 2017 for Innovation, 30 Most Innovative Companies 2017, The Silicon100 List 2017, and Top 25 Most Empowering Big Data Company Award 2016.

For more information please contact:

Pooja Chitnis

Marketing Manager, SalesChoice Inc.

pooja.chitnis@saleschoice.com | 647-477-6254

Or please visit https://www.saleschoice.com/

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