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SalesChoice Inc. Recognized as a Key Player in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market

Canada | April 2024 – SalesChoice, a leading provider of AI-powered sales analytics solutions, has been featured prominently in a recent market report titled “Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market – Statistical Forecast & Trade Analysis, 2023-2028.” The report, published on Artrocker TV, highlights SalesChoice as a key player alongside other notable companies in the industry such as XANT, MRP, EverString, TechTarget, Anaplan, and Dun & Bradstreet.

The Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market report provides a comprehensive analysis of the market landscape, including key trends, growth opportunities, challenges, and competitive strategies. SalesChoice’s inclusion in this report underscores its significant contributions and impact on the predictive sales analytics tools sector.

We are grateful for the recognition from the recent Artocker TV report profiling SalesChoice’s predictive sales analytics SaaS platform. We have advanced our AI methods to always use transparent AI methods,  and ensure human advantage,” says Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice Inc.

SalesChoice’s advanced AI algorithms and predictive modeling capabilities enable organizations to:

  • Identify and prioritize high-potential leads and opportunities
  • Optimize sales forecasting and pipeline management
  • Enhance sales performance and productivity
  • Improve customer engagement and retention
  • Make data-driven decisions for strategic sales initiatives

The company’s featured inclusion in the Predictive Sales Analytics Tools Market report reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize sales processes and drive measurable results for clients across various industries.

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About SalesChoice Inc. 

SalesChoice InsightEngine™ is an Award-winning AI SaaS platform that brings B2B sales and employee productivity apps to organizations. The company’s vision is to End Revenue Uncertainty for Human Advantage. While SalesInsights™ helps B2B sales teams to end revenue uncertainty and sales inefficiencies to increase top-line revenue, MoodInsights™ helps organizations to reduce costs by tackling employee churn, operational risks, and workforce wellbeing. The company provides AI Services to help its clients advance AI modernization from strategy to building complex AI models. The company also provides education to board directors and leaders to increase their AI digital literacy. Technology Partners supporting the SalesChoice AI Platform include AIPartnershipsCorp, Amazon, Google, IBM, IntroHive, Microsoft, and Salesforce. 

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Yim, Director of Product and Marketing, SalesChoice Inc.


Or please visit https://www.saleschoice.com/ where you can find more resources on AI.

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SalesChoice Inc. Increases its Sales Talent Coverage in USA – A Sales Leader’s Story Worth Reading 

SalesChoice Inc., an award winning AI SaaS Sales Platform is expanding its USA market coverage as it enters its Scale Up Plans in the Guided Selling and Responsible AI Market place. This is the amazing story of what made a veteran Silicon Valley sales leader join SalesChoice.

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Angstron Technologies and SalesChoice Inc. enter a Strategic Alliance

April 5th, 2019 | TORONTO,  CA – Angstron Technologies has entered into a strategic alliance with SalesChoice Inc., a leader in AI Predictive and Prescriptive Sales and Marketing Analytic Cloud Solutions, to deliver enterprise-level business and technology transformation services. The New Global Alliance will deliver Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Consulting and Technology Development Services, building high-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for businesses of all sizes.

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The CEO Imperative: Building Trust in AI

In our increasingly intelligent and 4th Industrial Age Economy, every company CEO must become an AI company, and ensure trust in AI yields the promise it holds for both business and society.

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Guest Post: How AI can help sales teams beat their numbers every month, quarter, year

This article was written by Ton Dobbe – Chief Inspiration Officer, Value Inspiration, following an interview with Dr. Cindy Gordon, Founder & CEO of SalesChoice.

Every week I interview entrepreneurs and experts from around the world to share their big idea about new forms of value creation and the potential we can unlock when technology augments the unique strengths of people to deliver remarkable impact.

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SalesChoice Inc. Launches a “Trusted AI Executive Breakfast Series”

13th November 2018 | Toronto, CA – SalesChoice is excited to announce the launch of its “Trusted AI Executive Breakfast Series.” The series will host market leaders from various industries, aiming to create and spread awareness about how Artificial Intelligence impacts B2B companies in the Age of Distraction.

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