March 1st, 2018 | Toronto, ON – On March 5, 2018 in Ottawa Canada, over 250 men and women are meeting at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, to explore the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences and its impact on advancing industry modernization.

This Forum sponsored by Stanford and the global Women in Data Sciences (WIDS) Forum is being bringing together 150 cities to advance the awareness of the value of a career in AI and Data Sciences. Over 100,000 interested participants are coming together in a global online streaming series of conferences globally.

One of the global WIDS Canadian communities advancing the equity agenda, is being led by Ottawa Community Leader, Alyson Gaffney, VP Marketing and Partnerships, Leonovus, and President of Gaffney Consulting.

Canada has produced several major breakthroughs in AI in recent years and we expect this to accelerate in the future. Attracting, developing and retaining women in AI and Data Sciences is going to key to Canada’s innovation success. The Women in Data Science (WiDS) Ottawa Conference, aims to inspire and educate, globally, latest insights on Artificial Intelligence (AI) from some of Canada’s leading female scientists and experts, says Alyson Gaffney.

Speakers advancing the WIDS vision on March 5th, include AI and Data Science leaders from Element AI, Georgian Partners, IBM, Accenture, Shopify, Halycyon Consulting, IT World Canada, Leonovus and SalesChoice Inc. Other speakers, include Master’s Students from Ottawa University.

National CATA Spokesperson for advancing women in STEM, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder of AI Guided Selling company, SalesChoice Inc., says, “CATA and SalesChoice wanted to sponsor this conference as it is the first time in the history of Canada, there has been a forum of Women only speakers, held in our Canadian capital city, discussing AI and Data Sciences. Over 15 female AI and Data Science community ecosystem leaders are joining hands to encourage women to explore a career in AI and Data Sciences. Stanford University, Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) has set up a powerful global vision to reinforce the contributions women can and need to make in mathematical and computing capabilities to understand and solve big, complex problems and further modernize industries, and nations. Attracting, developing and retaining more women in STEM, and AI /Data Sciences is a key area to advance our Canadian national super cluster agenda”.

Media Sponsor, IT World Canada, Fawn Annan, CEO is the lead moderator for the discussion with Shopify, Solmaz Shahalizadeh, Director of Data, Jodie Wallace, Head of AI for Accenture, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice Inc, and Cara MacMillian, President of Halcyon Consulting will discuss how AI can be monetized, but also discuss how their careers evolved to focus on Advanced Analytics, Data Sciences and AI. “IT World Canada is a Media Sponsor for this conference to provide a forum to bring everyone in Canada into this important conversation, AI is positioned to one of our growth super-clusters in Canada for stimulating economic growth. To build world-class solutions in AI we need diversity. Currently there is less than 25% of women employed in Canada advancing AI and data sciences, in the AI founder community, there are less than 5% of new start up’s with women founders or co-founders. When you look more closely at the enrollments of women in AI Computing Deep Learning fields in university programs, the numbers also are too low to ensure that new AI solutions bring balanced designs into the market, says CEO Fawn Annan, IT World Canada, Lead Media Sponsor for WIDS in Ottawa Conference. Fawn is also the Chair for Women in Communications (WIC), a community forum for supporting the advancement of women in STEM led careers.

Says, John Reid, President of CATA, Canada’s largest Technology Association, “One of the ways that women can be more visible in the Canadian and Global Ecosystem is to register their profile in the AI DIRECTORY at a community HUB developed by CATA, IT WORLD CANADA and SALESCHOICE INC. to help bring our Canadian ecosystem more rapidly together coast to coast. Over 300 profiles are now indexed ranging from students studying AI/ML, to Research Scientists, Founders of AI Companies, Leaders in AI. We will be adding in global coverage, including USA companies, and Asian companies over the next three months, so we encourage the conference attendees to register at



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The Women in Data Science (WiDS) Stanford Conference is a global and inclusive conference, with a unique participation model. Participants have the choice of joining the conference in person at Stanford; in person at one of the 100+ regional events worldwide; online via livestream; or online via Facebook Live.  This participation model provides unfettered access to valuable, technical, and innovative content to anyone in the world that would like to participate. WiDS regional events are hosted by volunteer WiDS Ambassadors worldwide. For additional information about WiDS, or to register for regional events. Follow us at : WiDS website at

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