SalesChoice Inc., a TRUSTED AI SALES INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, is heading to Collision in Toronto, Canada in the week of May 20 2019. Visit us at our AI/ML *Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning* Booth at A:338.

Collision is North America’s fastest growing technology conferences and the Giants of the Web are heading to Toronto to experience what looks like a game changer event.

With over 68% of attendees in management, over 750 tech journalists, and over 3,750 CEO’s attending, the business mileage for innovation for technology leaders will unleash new growth pathways, and hence we are there rooting for Canada.

In my role as a National Voice for STEM and helping to mentor CEO Leaders with CATA, (Canada’s largest technology Not for Profit Association), I plan to do the math at Collision, reg: how many CEO’s are women in the AI/ML stream and report back so we all recognize how imperative it is to develop #AIFORGOOD.


We already know that there are Less than 5% of women who are CEO’s  in the high growth AI industry. There are more female co-founders in CTO or Product Development roles in AI/ML. Developing Trusted AI that values diversity and ensures there is no data bias in the AI /ML Models is going to be one of the most important Risk Factors to ensure we secure #AI FOR GOOD.

Cathy Cobey, Global Partner EY, responsible for Trusted AI, advises her clients that data bias is a a new risk in AI without clean data sets. To Get AI right, we need diverse disciplines coming together: theologists, philosophers, cultural anthropology, psychology, mathematics, computing sciences, data scientists, statisticians, educators, designers, curators, AI method experts, even musicians. After all, AI is like jazz. There are so many beats that can play out and it all starts with ensuring there is limited BIAS to build a foundation of trust.

Currently we have a major imbalance in AI/ML leadership roots, and major risks in data sets not being clean when driving predictive outcomes. What we really need as a human civilization is ensuring finer human ingredients are not lost in the re-balancing underway as we enter the Fourth Industry Era, where AI is not the new electricity but rather the new Oxygen.

SalesChoice has been the recipient for numerous awards for our depth in designing and developing  #TRUSTED AI in our work methods and the thoroughness we bring to the dataset(s) with our clients to ensure the use case has the optimal AI method applied in solving the problems we need to solve.

Data that you can TRUST trumps in #AI

Recently we wrote a whitepaper on Are you Ready for AI that can further guide your organization forward. Its worth a read as it outlines how to move your organization forward effectively, leveraging a maturity framework and taking stalk of your strength in AI or not.

HUMAN DNA still counts and is to be RESPECTED! But if we don’t LEAD to build solutions that leverage TRUSTED DATA SETS, we will see this incredible industry become polluted with failures, and legal land mines.

This is not the future I want for our business nor for our children. Let’s be SMART and Build #TRUSTED AI or as we say at SalesChoice#AIFORGOOD – ALWAYS!

Let me know your thoughts at Join us next week, drop by at A338 on Wednesday, May 22 2019, to say hello. Together let’s all strive to make our world a better place, ensuring TRUSTED AI prevails in modernizing our business and our society.

Welcome hearing from you.

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