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In her latest articles, having recently finished the two-part series on Ethical AI, Dr. Cindy Gordon has initiated a new series on accelerating growth using AI. This first part touches on the complexities of the Metaverse. Would you like us to cover the AI impact, changes and needs in your industry on Forbes? Get in touch with us.


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Another month, another set of features. SalesChoice was covered as a major player in the predictive sales analytics tools market by The Oxford Spokesman and a key market player in the global predictive sales analytics tools market by Markets And Research.


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We understand that for all its benefits, AI deployment across the organization can be a challenging task. We are here for all your custom customer-facing use cases and AI enablement needs to make sure that the journey to your vision and targets is smooth and efficient. Contact us today for a discovery conversation as we stand for your growth and success.



Over the years, we have listened to our customers, anticipated the market needs and evolved our app with insights to empower sales cycles end-to-end. We are so much more than a forecasting solution now. And we would like to hear from you on what else you’d like to see in your ideal sales enablement solution. What challenges do you uniquely face? And what would make sales fun again for you and your team? Share with us by replying to this email or dropping a note here. And we will be sure to reach back and chat about how we could bring it to life!