WorldLynx ties together branches with Canadian-made cloud CRM by Brian Jackson. 28 November 2013,

When Garry Wood took over as CEO of WorldLynx in October 2010, Bell Canada’s largest wireless reseller, he had other top priorities besides an impending implementation of – but found it tough to negotiate delaying the contract by a year.

“They kept telling me they had a 95 per cent satisfaction rate, I told them I didn’t care about that, I’m asking for a favour and you’re telling me no,” Wood recalls. “When you put in Salesforce or that kind of program, it’s pretty all consuming.”

So Wood cancelled the contract instead. A few months later he got in touch with Toronto-based SalesChoice, looking for beta users of its new Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software. It was an opportunity Wood seized when he saw the company’s friendly approach and willingness to customize the product for him.

“The delivery times were very acceptable and it was important that I could work with them instead of a partner that dictates what the terms could be,” he says. “We were able to build it in a partnership versus a canned product on a shelf.”

SalesChoice styles itself as a simplified CRM compared to It has far fewer fields to fill out and is designed to appeal to sales users enough that they actually use it, explains Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice. It also works with its clients to customize the software in a way that works for them. For WorldLynx, it created a customized dashboard that allows managers to have a one-glance view of how multiple sales teams are doing. It also tweaked inventory drop-down menus to show mobile subscription packages and integrated about 100 point of sales systems (POS) and inventory database into the backend.

While SalesChoice is soon looking to partner with Salesforce […]

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