February 3, 2020 | Toronto, ON – Enterprisetechsuccess, a prominent media and technology publication, has been leading the way as a thorough guide when it comes to enterprise business and technology knowledge.

The magazine has recognized SalesChoice Inc. as one of “The Top 20 Technology Companies 2020 in Canada,” highlighting its national award winning AI Predictive Insight Engine’sTM proven ability to analyze Salesforce CRM data and other third-party external data sources to predict sales outcomes with up to 95% predictive accuracy, reveal insights underlying the win or loss patterns and improve data quality, do key to AI enablement.


The recognition was published in the January issue of Enterprisetechsuccess magazine, which is a platform that connects business and technology to its relevant audiences.

We help our clients predict, prioritize, and pace their sales activities through proven sales outcomes prediction with precision accuracy. Our brand promise is we help our customers to See more to win more!” says Dr.  Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder, SalesChoice Inc.

The feature article talks about SalesChoice’s software as an advanced AI and ML method that helps achieve optimal intelligence, while also crediting its’ ability to solve a host of problems to help increase sales performance.  The article goes on to recognise SalesChoice as a visionary market leader. You can read their detailed review on SalesChoice at this link: https://www.enterprisetechsuccess.com/Magazine/Canada-Technology-special-Edition/#page/43

About SalesChoice Inc.: SalesChoice Inc. is an award-winning AI Guided Selling Company, specializing in B2B Sales Challenges, bringing leading-edge AI cloud capabilities: predictive forecasting, account and opportunity scoring, predictive pricing, predictive churn, relationship analytics and guided insights to its clients. SalesChoice Inc. also offers AI and ML Strategy Transformation and Educational Services to advance client modernization needs. SalesChoice is the recipient of the 2019 AI Leader of the Year Award, from Mindbridge.ai and CATA, the 2018 Digital Transformation Award for AI Disruption from ITWC (IT World Canada) and many other awards for their outstanding innovation leadership. SalesChoice is a certified ISV partner of Salesforce, an IBM Business Partner, and has an open API for integration ease. SalesChoice works with diverse BI and Advanced Analytic Platforms (Amazon: SageMaker, Microsoft: Power BI, Salesforce: Einstein, IBM etc.) to connect to SalesChoice Inc’s advanced AI and ML Insight Engine™ Platform, etc. to ensure its clients unique business needs are realized.

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