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Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, was recently nominated as one of the top 20 marketing experts in the B2B world by ExoB2B in their latest Marketing Expertise: Our Top 20 of 2020 ranking. You can read more about the feature and how it positioned Marketing in times of Covid-19 here.


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Dr. Gordon will join a panel of experts chaired by Beena Ammanath, Executive Director of the Deloitte AI Institute, at this year’s chapter of Interzone, as they examine how to engineer a new intelligence that is unconstrained by the limitations and prejudices of its creators so it can begin serving all of humanity. You can register for the event here.


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Watch out for this space as SalesChoice and Value Inspirations,  will soon be launching a new Global Sales Leader Network (SLN) – an exciting platform to bring global sales peers together in a year-long learning experience to help them solve problems, and level up to higher performance levels. You can preview it here.


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  • Get Your Organization AI Ready

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