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Trusted AI Executive Breakfast Series – Street Savvy Sales Leaders: The Art & Science of Selling

December 25th, 2018 | Toronto, CA – This new year, SalesChoice, a Salesforce AI Software Company, and Salesforce ISV Partner, will launch its third event in the Trusted AI Executive Breakfast Series – Street Savvy Sales Leaders: The Art & Science of Selling, with the support of its sponsors, CATA Alliance, AI Directory, Media Sponsors: IT World Canada and Venue Partners: Capgemini.

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SalesChoice October Newsletter

SalesChoice announced exciting changes to its leadership team, with the recruitment of Zoltan Lorantffy as the Chief Growth Officer while Anastasia Valentine, CMO at Versature, joined as a Board Advisor. Malay Upadhyay and Thomas Burghardt were promoted to Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Technical Officer, respectively.


McKinsey claims that companies with healthy gender diversity are 15% more likely to generate higher-than-average financial performance. Yet, the #1 issue in the technology industry is sustaining women in tech, and their already low numbers. In fact, women receive lower salary offers than men do for the same job at the same company for 62% of the time. All the research is pointing to one single root cause for this issue. Read our blog here to hear from the experts.


SalesChoice is launching a Trusted AI Executive Breakfast Series. The first event will be held at Capgemini office on Nov 21 2018. Register here to learn and walk away with Proven AI Strategic Frameworks and access to an AI Readiness Assessment Tool that can guide your organization forward.


The newest and fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship in Canada is led by people over the age of 50. With over 95 applications/nominations from all Provinces and Northwest Territory, SalesChoice is proud to announce that Dr. Cindy Gordon has received this year’s Wise 50-over-50 Award. Read more here.


The AI Directory is shaping itself to encourage debates and discussions among all stakeholders to help frame policies around legal and ethical AI in Canada. If you haven’t already, join the Linkedin Group to be part of these discussions or follow the page here.

Stay tuned with progress and information in the world of Artificial Intelligence & B2B sales on our channel. Meanwhile, if you would like to address challenges facing your sales team to achieve your sales targets for 2018, do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.

SalesChoice is co-organizing the next Enterprise Sales Forum’s Toronto event to help sales leaders Futureproof their Sales Career with AI

28th May 2018 | Toronto, ON – On 31st May 2018, the Toronto chapter of Enterprise Sales Forum will be hosting an event on the topic “Futureproof Your Sales Career with AI,” co-organised by SalesChoice Inc. The event will feature a panel of industry leaders who will be discussing the declining productivity rates of Sales Professionals in B2B Sales and the increasing importance of Advanced Analytics to cut through the noise to help sharpen focus and increase the productivity rates of sales professionals. It will also highlight the increased needs for building stronger analytical skills as a sales professional in the areas of AI/Data Sciences/Analytics to futureproof future sales roles.

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