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“Why Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leaders Must Lead in AI”: A White paper by SalesChoice and HACE

Canada | May 1st, 2024 – AI’s intelligence is directly impacted by the diversity of talent responsible for examining the datasets it trains on. Leveraging past practices is not sufficient for ensuring a bright future; proactive measures are needed to address the explosion of data bias challenges. Who is accountable for ensuring data accurately represents an organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion vision?

This May, Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO of SalesChoice, and Patricia Mota, President & CEO of HACE, collaborated to answer this question through a comprehensive white paper titled “Why Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leaders Must Lead in AI”.

Dr. Cindy Gordon remarked,Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) play a crucial role in developing Trusted AI practices to mitigate AI data bias risks. As AI systems are trained on large datasets, they can easily inherit and perpetuate existing biases resulting in unfair or discriminatory outcomes. Sometimes, they may even hallucinate, especially in generative AI methods. We need CDO’s leading in AI governance and increasing their AI Digital literacy.

Patricia Mota echoed this sentiment, We must equip our current and future workforce with the necessary training and resources, such as AI, to be successful in their careers and contribute to society. Given that Latinos are the youngest and fastest-growing demographic, and if measured by GDP, the U.S. Latino economy would rank as the fifth largest in the world. Managing AI data bias risk is a governance risk that if unaddressed is a major risk to our future.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) play a crucial and purposeful role in leadership, particularly in mitigating the serious risks associated with AI data bias. This responsibility extends beyond traditional diversity and inclusion efforts, requiring collaborative action with a range of stakeholders, including data scientists, ethicists, cyber-security experts, legal and policy experts, and more. Key questions addressed by Dr. Cindy Gordon and Patricia Mota in this whitepaper include:

  • Where are you at in leading AI in your organization?
  • What is AI Data Bias?
  • What is the role of a CDO?
  • What is the role of a CDO in AI Governance?

To delve deeper into these crucial questions and gain valuable insights, access the “Why Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leaders Must Lead in AI” white paper here.

About Dr. Cindy Gordon

Dr. Cindy Gordon ICD.D. is the CEO of SalesChoice, a SaaS AI company focused on Ending Growth Uncertainty for Human Advantage and has been recognized by Onalytica as one of the top AI global influencers. Prior, she held senior executive and partner roles at Accenture, Xerox, and Citicorp. She has also been a venture capitalist or angel advancing B2B technology software companies. Internationally, she is recognized for her innovative thought leadership with over 14 books in the market. Cindy is also a board advisor/ thought leader in  SaaS /AI or AI education/ market research companies at The AI Forum, Corent Technology, Forbes, Kaji.AI, and USAII. Her AI community track record is extensive, University of Arizona – Business and Technology AI Board Advisor, Adjunct Professor, George Brown College, Applied AI. She regularly speaks at international conferences to advance AI Ethics and AI Education to board directors and C-suite executives. Academically, Dr. Gordon has an honorary Applied AI Doctorate Certification from George Brown College, an MIT AI Strategy Certification, and a doctorate in Complexity Science and Social Networks. She is also a certified Board Director with an ICD.D. designation. Under Dr. Gordon’s leadership, the company has won over twenty international awards, most recently she was recognized as the CEO of the Year Award for Women in Digital Transformation. She has also received the Governor General Award for her Innovation and Community Leadership.

About Patricia Mota

Patricia Mota is an innovative trailblazer, startup entrepreneur, connector, public speaker, and compassionate leader with a particular strength that exemplifies the mission of the Hispanic Alliance of Career Enhancement (HACE) to positively impact the American workplace by cultivating the pipeline of Latinx/a/os talent and providing insight, access and support to their careers. Patricia serves as the President & CEO for HACE, leading strategy, fundraising & development, leadership programs, and expanding organizational reach on a national scale. Patricia’s story of transition is representative of many of the stories of those positively impacted by programs and opportunities through HACE

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