Over the years we at SalesChoice have been spearheading the case for responsible and effective AI usage. A key motivation for us has always been to do our bit to prepare our customers for the inevitability of AI, which is now very much a fact in every organization.

Here is PWC’s global AI study on exploiting the AI revolution, including 300 AI use cases identified and rated are captured in their AI Impact Index. You can also see SalesChoice’s Responsible AI Ethics Policy here. If you want more info on our AI Ethics training programs, as we trained over 500 leaders on AI Ethics and Governance Risks, drop us a line here.

Why do our clients love us? Here is John Selles, former Director of Sales Operations at RLDatix, a global healthcare SaaS company, talking about the impact SalesChoice has made to their sales processes and forecasting over the years, the clear correlation he can see among the over-performers and non-performers with their usage of SalesChoice insights, and how all this reduced his administration overhead time on reporting. See us in action, book your discovery call here.

Digital Journal has released its latest global sales analytics market report for the period 2022-29. For those looking specifically at forecasting, here is a report on the future of the sales forecasting market, with a free sample available to download, and a special discount for an immediate purchase. SalesChoice is prominently profiled with other market leaders, showcasing our commitment to Ending Revenue Uncertainty. See our Product Overview here.

And finally, Happy People Perform 10x Better – its simply Smart Business to ensure your people are happy, performing and healthy. To that end, our blockbuster Mood Insights app is scheduled for a product launch in October this year. With a simple and seamless interface to track the daily mental wellbeing of your workforce and achieve an instant communication channel between your internal and external audience and the leadership, the Mood app will change the way your organization operates, mitigates risks and bonds. Stay tuned for more news on this front, or contact us for an early sneak peek into the app.