By Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder, SalesChoice Inc.

 (An Excerpt from her new book: SalesPredictions:The Next Big Thing in Sales (Q1, 2013).  

This is a very exciting time to be involved in the Sales Enablement field, as the methods are rigorous, and designed to unlock hidden patterns, creating new conversations to unlock new possibilities. We never know what we will find, but we always unlock some new gems – that has this OMG reaction of C levels.

This is what innovation is all about – pushing the edges, and finding pioneering customers that recognize the race if on to invest in these solutions to improve sales quota attainment, and take advantage of the opportunity that Big Data and Sales Prediction Analytics can have on their company’s future. 

Canada has a D in Innovation and if we all start to think about improving sales quota performance, and increasingly revenue realization by 20-50%, we can further invest in innovation in all our companies to improve our innovation status as a nation. We have to think about the broader imperative which is not selling just innovative breakthrough technology solutions, but what would Einstein think about what we are doing, or what would Steve Jobs think about the experience, and is the cause one that will truly improve the quality of our world order.

For those of us immersed in Big Data: SalesPrediction Analytic solutions, partnering with firm like SalesHub, Real Sociable, and the University of Toronto, Chair of the Math Department, we all are incredibly passionate that we are in a C change and Blue Ocean phenomena now in SalesEnablement approaches. Moving well beyond solution selling or even Challenger Selling and advanced to The Science of Selling. This is where real facts lie, and hidden patterns can be seen.