TechCrunch offers up a detailed list of what is called “The Sales Stack”, actions supported by technologies for the entire sales funnel:

  1. Pre-Contact (Lead Generation)
  2. Inbound (Predictive)
  3. Outbound (Messaging)
  4. Analytics (To Measure The Health Of A Sales Funnel)
  5. Meetings (Demos)
  6. Proposal (Configure Price Quote/E-Sign)
  7. Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”)
  8. Sales Rep Hiring.

What’s missing in the list is 4a. Predictive Analytics.

Analytics by itself tends to be a visualization of pipeline data segmented by gates (ie 10% meeting, 30% demo, 50% proposal) and is not a true indicator of sales funnel health.

Predictive Analytics gives you a more accurate assessment of your sales pipeline by:

  • looking at historical won/lost opportunities across a number of attributes
  • applying those insights against pipeline opportunities.

The delta between a gate-derived forecast and one using predictive analytics can be quite startling. The SalesChoice Insight Engine has documented history of 85% prediction accuracy, which allows sales rep and their leaders improve forecasts, reduce deal ramp times and accelerate top-line revenues.

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