July 10th, 2020 | Toronto, CA – Gartner recently released its new AI Guided Selling report after surveying global Chief Sales Officers (CSOs), and unsurprisingly, found that the COVID-19 outbreak had caught many Gartner clients unprepared – in particular, those that relied heavily on human-to-human interactions.

Many Gartner clients found they did not have reliable, forward-looking indicators to manage their sales forecasts on mature sales deals and did not have the ability to monitor each step in the sales journey, nor were they able to prioritize their sales opportunities. Over 46 per cent of the surveyed CSOs reported seeing softening demand, and some near-term forecasts now vary by as much as 50 per cent from the previous forecast baseline.

Given these market dynamics, Gartner stressed the imperative for CSOs to revamp their sales processes – both internal operational processes and customer-facing engagement – and to modernize their sales operating practices to reduce risk and accelerate their usage of Artificial Intelligence guided selling tools. SalesChoice is recommended as a leading solution to use by Purolator.

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